Diehard GameFAN: Dragon Age II Review

Dragon Age II is one of those games that manages to make several notable improvements over its predecessor while also managing to shoot itself in the foot along the way, and while it’s still a very good game, as the score says, it could have been better. The story is enjoyable to follow and generally well written, but parts feel disjointed and the characters feel familiar, again. The game is pleasing to the eyes, but locations repeat too often to be ignored. The audio is as fantastic as ever, thanks to some great scoring and voice casting, as always. The gameplay has been simplified and touched up to appeal more readily to new players and console gamers, and for the most part, the simplifications and changes work well enough. The game is also quite in-depth and offers plenty of reasons to come back and play through it a second or third time, which is to its credit. However, the targeting still needs work, the simplification of the ally armor options make for some boring points, and the game feels needlessly easier than its predecessor. Further, the game has some exploitable bugs, as well as some frustrating bugs, that make the game more annoying than it really should be.

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