Nintendo Franchises That Would Be Better on Other Consoles

"Nintendo is a great company by any means. They're often seen as the inventors of the wheel in terms of video-games, and are responsible for the development and publishing of some of gaming's biggest icons. Disregarding the Nintendo DS' near complete domination of the handheld market, the current generation hasn't treated Nintendo so well. The Wii was a huge success at first, but has dwindled in sales in the last year. Nintendo still pumps out the occasional successful first-party game, but I feel other developers and companies could do much better jobs if given the opportunity to do so on other consoles."

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GunShotEddy2797d ago

here we go. It's so easy to hate on Nintendo hardware because it's slower and older, but outside of the CD-i, you'll never see Nintendo on another platform.

vgn242797d ago

@Gun. Are you kidding me? Did you even read your own comment? You defend Nintendo by talking about how old their hardware is? The Wii is a freaking PS2 with waggle. Nothing more.

Dark_Charizard2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

So what if he is? Nintendo hardware may not be the best, but i could never see Super Mario Galaxy or Twilight Princess on a freaking PS3 with that dualshock controller.. It's only now that SONY has released their Wiimote rip off, but TOO BAD its late to the party! Wii gets SKYWARD SWORD and what does move get? Sorcery?? LMFAO!

Nintendo hardware rocks, that's all I'm saying... GCN > PS2 hardware.

@VGCHICA - GCN is far more powerful that PS2. Remember the games that rocked on GCN but looked like s#it on PS2 like Resident Evil 4!? And btw GCN was FAR FAR more powerful and MUCH MORE easy to develop for, it was Nintendo's relations with 3rd parties that caused the lack of games, NOT THE HARDWARE, noob.

VG_Releaser2797d ago

Nintendo would make a lot more money as a 3rd party pub. A lot of gamers miss out on great Ninty titles cause their hardware's bunk.

vgchica2797d ago

Did I see someone say the Gamecube was greater than the PS2? That is impossible in every way. I play RPGs more than anything, but I know that the PS2 had more games in more genres than anything last-generation.

The PS2 was more powerful and easier to develop for too.

AGamerOfConsoles2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

If you want to play Nintendo games get Nintendo consoles. Sorry to tell people this but Nintendo is in this industry as much as MS or Sony.

ChickeyCantor2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

"The PS2 was more powerful and easier to develop for too."

RE:4 says hi.

Im talking about "more powerful".
The only downside GCN had was the disc capacity.

" And they didn't require first-party assistance"
Nonsense, Sony funded lots of PS2 projects.

charlescox42797d ago


The entire PS2 library of much better games says hi back. And they didn't require first-party assistance to develop like Capcom did with Nintendo.

browngamer42797d ago

Are you on crack or just mentally impaired?"the ps2 was more powerful and easier to develop for"-It was the excact opposite..Gamecube COMPLETELY crushed the ps2 in the graphics dep. in every single way..noob! It was running off a power pc structure instead of intel(like the other two)and was vastly easier to develop for ..the xbox had better resolutions but the gamecube could read info. much quicker and easier..fact.

ShAkKa2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

"Wii gets SKYWARD SWORD and what does move get? Sorcery?? LMFAO! "

At least Sorcery worked how it was supposed to. But hey! as long as you don't have a cell phone or camera turned on you should be good to play.

Btw the Gamecube was in fact more powerful than the Ps2 but the difference between the RE4 tittles was minimal at best.

MisterAV2797d ago

Gamecube was a little more powerful than PS2, not so much. However GC used stupid small disc with 1.4GB so many title couldn't fit. And it was released almost two years later...
And PS2 had the biggest library...

And @dark-charizard Super mario galaxy it would be much better with a dualshock instead of remote+nunchuck. If you think many nintendo titles like that use very little motion controlling, also SMBB.

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BeaRye2797d ago

I'd love to see what Zelda could be on the PS3 or Xbox 360. Who wouldn't love that except diehard Nintendogs? It would be great if we had the best games on the most powerful systems, but exclusives somewhat level the playing field. Nintendo will get their stuff together eventually in the home console.

Let's just hope the Wii 2 isn't this gen hardware and actually next-gen.

matey2797d ago

Nintendo could have made Twilight princess 2 with improved polycounts and textures ect they said as much but they chose a different art style the wii can handle alot going off gamecube and wii being 2/4 times more powerful expect TP2 4 Wii2 even Retro said with MP3 they could have gone with high polygons but chose art instead.

dannybohy2797d ago

wouldnt they all be better on a different console! why grown adults buy this machine for themselves is a mystery to me!.. i only bought one for my 5yr old son! and now kinect is out even he want me to sell his Wii and get him Kinect for the xbox!

dannybohy2797d ago

I want ZombieNintendogs on my xbox please!! or rather ZombieXdogz!?

Stealth20k2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

the wii has been killing it in sales worldwide.

still as popualr as ever

just sounds like a jelous idiot fanboy who wants to play nintendo games but cant afford nintendo systems

dannybohy2797d ago

so is The Sun newspaper in the UK! doesnt make it any less cr4p!

dannybohy2797d ago

who?. Ive got a Wii, an Xbox360 and high spec PC
the Wii was by far the cheapest so i dont know what your on about! lol!. im selling the Wii to go towards Kinect purchase!

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