Next Halo will feature 'dramatic innovations' and 'slight tweaks'

"We don't want to make Call of Duty," says 343

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Wizziokid2795d ago

I'm just interest to see where they go with the next Halo, by far Reach was my favourite story in terms of characters and dramatic feel, I hope they add the same scale to Halo 4 and it's it's Master Chief again give him some soul.

I would like to see what planet he was floating towards at the end of 3 anyway.

LOGICWINS2795d ago

Well whatever happens, I doubt 343 will dissapoint. Either way, I'm really excited for Bungie's new IP!

guigsy2794d ago

Master Chief is without doubt the soul of the Halo franchise. Reach is an awesome game, but I couldn't help feel that the campaign was missing something.

Halo 4 + Master Chief = YES PLEASE.

wwm0nkey2795d ago

I really hope they just make the kill times and general game speed like Halo 1 and Halo 2. The kill times where pretty fast but not CoD fast and gave you enough time to think on your feet and turn the tables or escape if you knew some jumps or locations.

In Halo 3 and Reach it was just WAY too long for the kill times and thanks to no hit scan the BR in Halo 3 was worthless and the Bloom of Reach just makes me mad :(

Active Reload2795d ago

More giant monsters please!

duplissi2795d ago

im confused...

dramatic innovations and slight tweaks... what!? it doesnt make sense, kind of contradictory.. slight tweaks implies that the game wont be changed much but instead refined, whereas dramatic innovations implies that the game will be changed drastically..

anywho im interested to see what comes of this.

The_Firestarter2795d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking. It's a bit of an oxymoron, no?

Wikkid6662795d ago

Slight tweaks could be in some areas of the gameplay... while there could be drastic changes in say the graphics... or vice versa.

guigsy2795d ago

Some areas will be innovated dramatically, some areas will be tweaked slightly.

humbleopinion2794d ago

Slight tweaks = adding deployable equipment button, refining dual wielding etc.
If you tweak two much, it won't be the same game anymore. For example, adding "iron sights" to halo like you have in COD, Killzone and battlefield is more then a slight tweak and changes the game mechanics completely.

dramatic innovation = Xbox live support in Halo 2, adding forge mode & theater mode in Halo 3 etc.
These are not related to game mechanics, but instead add something else and do something that wasn't done before. I must say that while Halo Reach is the most refined game in the series, it was probably the first one that didn't offer any dramatic innovation over the previous games in the series.

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v0rt3x2795d ago

when I think of "dramatic innovations" - I think of kinect, which is not good for the halo franchise.

karl2794d ago

lets hope halo4 its a kinect exclusive...

hell yeah!

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The story is too old to be commented.