Digital Trends: Crysis 2 Review

Digital Trends: "I’ll put this simply, just so there is no ambiguity—Crysis 2 is the best-looking game ever made for consoles. There really isn’t anything that compares to it. When it comes to consoles, there is a ceiling to the graphical quality–there is only so much a console can do. You won’t come home and pop in a game on your 360 and suddenly be fooled with graphics so good you think they are live-action, the hardware just isn’t up to it. That being said, Crysis 2 does things I simply didn’t know where possible on a console. The game looks stunning, but beyond that, the most impressive thing is the level of detail."

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hennessey862704d ago

have done a fantastic job on both consoles, can we stop with the bitching and play the damn game now please.

Tyre2704d ago

Exactly, Cryteh has given us a goldplated new FPS that excels in all departements and looks fantastic on ALL consoles! thx Crytek!

Tyre2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

somebody put a restriction on me for the last 2 days? why? i've been saying that Crytek would make all console versions equally good since the start...and that everybody should reserve his opinion till the final build came out....launch day and got a restriction on posting comments?? so low...must be the fanboys who hated me for going against the opinion that Crysis 2 was crap on PS3...the majority disagreed with me couple of days ago....thanks for nothing...anyways i'm happy the game turned out i thought it would..

Dynasty20212704d ago

I cant believe people are saying Killzone 3 is better looking, when, frankly, it clearly isnt.

Killzone 3 is a fantastic looking game of course, one of the best on the PS3, but I think Crysis 2 and Uncharted 2 look better.

Not just the art style, of which Killzone 3 PROBABLY wins, but as a technical achievement with lighting etc, Crysis 2 will be the new king. Maybe only by a fraction, but winning is winning.

starchild2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Crysis 2 does look better and everybody knows it. Like you said, Killzone 3 is a nice looking game, but overall it simply isn't doing as much with graphics as Crysis 2 is.

Even on consoles Crysis 2 wins.

"I’ll put this simply, just so there is no ambiguity—Crysis 2 is the best-looking game ever made for consoles. There really isn’t anything that compares to it."

ThanatosDMC2704d ago

Wow, im surprised no one has started the KZ3 or whatever game comparison. Guess people are asleep or it's finally died down.

Anyway, Uncharted 2, GOW3, KZ3 > Crysis 2 in graphics.

tudors2704d ago


"Anyway, Uncharted 2, GOW3, KZ3 > Crysis 2 in graphics."

So you say! sorry don't agree, I am just glad finally there is a game to partially at least shut people up, it's been rather quiet the last few days for obvious reasons.

DigitalAnalog2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

These are the same people who didn't care about graphics, but as soon as IGN made that "remark" - well, I've never seen them this intense since 2006.

I've played the PC demo in "advanced" settings along with 1152x720 (the same exact resolution on the 360), and if the 360 version is comparable, then I cannot take IGN's word seriously.

-End statement

tudors2704d ago

@DigitalAnalog It isn't just IGN though is it.

DigitalAnalog2704d ago

Well IGN is the only review site where it gets the most hits in N4G.

-End statement

anthem2704d ago

It looks great but I do not like the gun play and it seems kinda buggy on line this is a rental for me I might buy it when its $30 I just can't see my self spending $60 on this game