Red Faction: Armageddon rated

The UK's BBFC has slapped a 15 certificate on the front of THQ and Volition Inc's Red Faction: Armageddon, meaning it's all clear for the shops.

Yes the end of the world (on Mars) can be enjoyed by bloody thirsty, property damaging and car stealing 15 year-olds. It's got "strong violence and language".

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Kran2822d ago

GO AWAY BBFC! YOU RATE FILMS, NOT GAMES. You should have ended by now.

PEGI is better. Why? You can be 12 and buy an 18 game. There's no law against it. Even though there should be, but still. Im 18 now, so it doesnt matter for me.

bumnut2822d ago

When does this release? Last Red Faction game was great, smashing buildings down with the hammer was cool.