GAME Group announce Nintendo 3DS midnight launch plans

Nintendo Universe writes:

Today, GAME and Gamestation have announced that they are to open 482 of their stores for midnight launches across the UK tomorrow night, as the retailer marks the anticipated release of the Nintendo 3DS handheld system on Friday.

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Corrwin2704d ago

A launch filled with "I can't see it, can you see the 3D?", and a salesperson desperately insisting "Oh, yeah, look at that sweet 3D, would you like a another copy of Street Fighter, Nintendogs, Zelda to go with that?".

TLG19912704d ago

couldn't have put it better myself!

Lucreto2704d ago

I was hoping Zelda was a launch title but it is not.

I got a really good deal on one even though there are no games I wanted for it. Might as well get it now before there are shortages.

I will be pretty annoyed if there is a Zelda themed edition after I buy the 3DS.

Masterchef20072704d ago

I am predicting that they will sell all of them within 24 hours.

VladimirK2704d ago

I give it less than 12 hours and that count starts at midnight.

mcstorm2704d ago

I can see this device being a hit but I want a NGP alot more at this moment in time so I will wait for the 3DS to drop in price before I get one but I can see alot of people enjoying this device just like they have with the DS.