Trion Worlds are serious about taking on Blizzard - Rift Review at CalmDownTom

A review of Trion Worlds new MMORPG that asks, "If it does so little to differentiaite itself from WOW, can it still hope to dethrone it?"

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DirtyLary2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

No one will dethrone WOW. Only Blizzard will dethrone their own game when they pull the plug or the new game drops. People have invested so much time in WOW, they can't pull themselves away. All that time would be a waste the mmo scheme of things. Blizzard has them by the balls. A good example is the kid that's willing to pay $1k to restore his banned account, it's all they know.

zeal0us2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

I think they better fix that security first before take WOW, a guy got into friend account(with his permission) without his email or password. So if its that easy then just about anyone with any network security knowledge can do it.

Other than that I rift is doing a good job will it get up to 12million players+, if this game would came out during golden age of p2p MMORPG(Ff11,wow,etc birth) it would of probably gave Blizzard a run for its money.

Now that wow done accumulated 12million+ they only way it(rift/Trion world) can even get close to those numbers is either draw away some of WOW players, attract f2p ppl to the p2p area or just attract ppl who isnt mmo orientated. If it can do all three within a reasonable amount of time without a drop or loss of players, then It could probably take Blizzard on.

Sadly some MMOs become too focus take on #1 that they lose focus on the issues at hand. You don't have to take on the biggest or baddest to be a good to decent , if not great MMO. Take a look FF11(not 14) it does a great job imho.

DirtyLary2590d ago

I think they need to survive next week first. How many will sub after the 1st month?

I like many wont, bored to death at 50. PVE is robotic, PVP is tacked on irrelevant instances.