EA LA working on unannounced third-person shooter

EA Los Angeles is developing an unannounced third-person shooter "with strong multiplayer focus", according to a job listing that's appeared on EA's website.

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movements2551d ago

This industry has no innovation. I'm tired on shooters..

Quagmire2550d ago

I liked the first one, the sequel...not so much

Cloudberry2551d ago

As long it's good and not another FPS again for me.

Active Reload2551d ago

Yeah, 3rd person + Frostbite = Has my attention...

Stealth20k2551d ago

sounds boring generic and stupid

Eiffel2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

"The game is rumoured to be the presumed-cancelled Mercs Inc"

I don't recall it was presumed to be canceled, at least not wildly. All I recall was that after Pandemic was closed down, info came up for Mercs Inc being developed by EA LA along with carried over developers from Pandemic.

If it is Mercs Inc with the latest Frostbite engine, and as we all know how hugely focused the Mercenaries franchise has been on destruction, we should be in for a treat.

Convas2551d ago

Sounds like your a ... "Believer". LOL, I thought I was the only one following the progress of EA LA and their former Pandemic folk as they worked what I know will be the NEXT Mercenaries.

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