Good Game: Yakuza 4 review

Yakuza 4 boasts a great soap-operatic story fuelled by testosterone, back tattoos and impossibly tough guys saying impossibly tough things. Does it pack a big enough punch?

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LOGICWINS2821d ago

Say whatever you want...but I'd bang the lady reviewer lol.

DelbertGrady2821d ago

It's pronounced "Kazuma", not "Kazumer".

Apart from the somewhat cheap looking animations the game looks like lots of fun. Which is what's most important.

Cloudberry2821d ago

I love this series so much.

So much fun too.

Inception2821d ago

The same score like IGnorant? yeah right -_-

Pozzle2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

It's a bit unfair that the guy reviewer seemed to be against the game from the beginning. Sounds like he was expecting it to be a Japanese GTA, then complained when that's not what it ended up being.
I totally understand that many people (like the male reviewer) won't enjoy Yakuza 4 because it's so heavily reliant on Japanese culture/jokes/situations/etc. (which doesn't appeal to everyone), but that doesn't make it a bad game; just a niche game. It shouldn't be marked down so low for that.

Just my 2 cents.

The female reviewer seemed a little more open minded about the game. It's obviously going to be a heavily cultural and Japanese-oriented title, but she explained - objectively - what she liked an disliked about Yakuza 4 without sounding too biased.

Neckbear2821d ago

Indeed; it's also why I'm honestly against numerical scores in reviews. Had the guy just given his opinion in it, with no score attached- then fine. But a score represents a certain objectivity regarding the game, which many reviewers don't have. If they just dislike something 'bout it, they'll slap a low score- instead of saying "Hey, I didn't like this, but there are people that could". after giving his own opinion regarding the game.

Ah, whatever; either way.

christheredhead2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

im a huge fan of the yakuza serious but i can definitely see where a 6.5 could be a justifiable score. personally id give it a 10 but thats just me. i mean its a very niche game and not for every one. also yakuza 4 is more of the same which, in my opinion, is a good thing. bought it on release day and its extremely entertaining. its a very hefty single player game with massive amounts of content which is hard to find this gen. even if a reviewer gave it a 1 i would still have to recommend that you try it for yourself to experience what its like. you can easily get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to do. amazing game and a decent review.

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