Sony has best console, studios in the world - David Cage

PS3 is the best console in the world, and no other publisher can match Sony's group of internal studios.

That's according to Heavy Rain creator David Cage, who says Quantic Dream isn't likely to create any games for Xbox again any time soon.

Quantic's previous biggest title, Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy in the US), was available on PC and Xbox - and has been reissued by Microsoft as an Xbox Original on 360.

Although Quantic is independent, Sony part-funded the creation of Heavy Rain and bankrolled its marketing, something for which the platform holder has earned Cage's long-term loyalty.

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Raendom2708d ago

Haha. Even more exclusives to announce at E3 for Sony then...

malandra2708d ago

I'm a PS3 exclusive addict, I might even get Yakuza 4 and PS Move Heroes

Biggest2708d ago

Just so you know. . . Heroes is not very good. My son, who worships Ratchet & Clank/Sly Cooper, spent 4 minutes with the demo before asking me if he has to buy it. Usually he's asking if he CAN buy it. This time he was making sure he didn't have to.

sikbeta2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Yep, the first sentence alone says it all, next David Cage's game is PS3 Exclusive :P

DelbertGrady2708d ago


Can't wait to hear him say that his next game is "maxing out" or "using 100%" of the PS3's power.

wenaldy2708d ago

You were trolling by default in any PS3 related article..

LilTone2708d ago

stop trolling on trolls troll

YoungKingDoran2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

i think the question is... just how many trolls could a troll troll if a troll could troll trolls

Biggest2708d ago

Easy answer:

X = DelbertGrady

Input for X to check. Show all work.

jizzyjones2708d ago

Cage isn't interested interested in hyping his products with shit like that, all he cares about is making unique 'experiences'.

ReBurn2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Don't give Cage too much credit. He's already been down the "Heavy Rain not possible on 360" road.

He's a salesman trying to sell his game and make his employer happy. That's part of his job. He's not in it just to make unique experiences.

As long as he continues to deliver quality I can tolerate his pretentiousness. But he has to live up to his own hype.

kikizoo2708d ago

"Don't give Cage too much credit. He's already been down the "Heavy Rain not possible on 360" road. "

And ? you have a problem with facts ?

Or if you are not ok with him, show us a heavy rain like (graphics, audio..) on dvd (without cell) ?

ReBurn2708d ago

I'm sorry that questioning the altruistic motives of David Cage hurts your feelings. Exactly what facts are there that supports what he says? What's the difference between Cage and Peter Molyneux? Aside from the fact that one is bankrolled by Sony and the other by Microsoft?

Like I said, Heavy Rain is a great game and I enjoyed it tremendously. But it doesn't make up for the FUD that the guy routinely spouts. Like calling the Wii a toy and a board game, or saying months before it released that Kinect was a big lie from Microsoft.

Like many other industry names, he would do better to keep his opinions to himself and focus on games. But if he's your hero then by all means worship him.

Biggest2708d ago

ReBurn, can you dispute any of those statements? The Wii is largely a toy/board game for families. You couldn't create a current "adult" game on the Wii if you wanted to. The hardware limitations alone are to blame. The Kinect was and is a lie from Microsoft. It was supposed to be a revolution in gaming. It is a hands free Wii in its current form. It was supposed to be the pinacle of accuracy in motion gaming. It is the least accurate of all current motion peripherals. And lastly. . . He doesn't work for Sony. Heavy Rain is a Sony backed game. Quantic Dream is an independent studio.

Cerberus21252708d ago

I don't pretend to know Cage,or his motives for his loyalty to Sony,course that Sony funding his game plays a part,he is a businessman,and he is out to make money,but one thing I notice on almost all his interviews,is how thankful he is for Sony believing in their work,and supporting them from the beginning,on a risky project,and that says to me that,Sony believing in them when others did not plays a part on his loyalty to Sony.

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Andyyy912708d ago

Every article i go to about ps3, i see you trolling, no wonder you have 1 bubble, twat

Denethor_II2708d ago

Leave thr troll, troll alone. What are you the troll, troll police?

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hellzsupernova2708d ago

yeah david cage! he is right you know! good to hear that the next QD games will be console exclusive to ps3 :D

a_bro2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

well, Heavy Rain was a big achievement sales wise for Quantic Dream. 2 million for a game that is extremely different from all other games, which closely resembles shenmue when you play due to its uniqueness is a big deal. they never had their games reach that achievement, and keep in mind, they were good games.

Im glad that people bought this game and continue to support it to this day. I personally cant wait to see Quantic Dream's next project.

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