( Warriors: Legends of Troy Review - When you’ve got a game featuring gladiators that makes you yawn, chances are something went horribly wrong in the development. Gladiator-based games are supposed to be exciting affairs, not monotonous exercises in futility. Too bad someone didn’t tell Koei that, as Warriors: Legends of Troy tries to live up to the potential of Ridley Scott’s epic Gladiator, or perhaps even Brad Pitt’s Troy – and it barely ends up about as ridiculous a farce as Mel Brooks' History of the World Part I.

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Silly Mammo2823d ago

Not to be a historic stickler, but gladiators were during Roman times and this game is about Greeks and Trojans.

OT- I kind of thought that this game would suck, but I'm interested in the subject and it might be fun to hack and slash my way though multitudes of ancient greek and trojan warriors. Will probably rent it though.