Cynical Brit: WTF Is Homefront? (Singleplayer Rant)

Cynical Brit rants about the recently released Homefront, which features one of the shortest FPS campaigns in history, rivalling Modern Warfare 2.
Here’s a look at the singleplayer.

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Johandevries2705d ago

The British are not my favourite people, but in any case, their irony is world class

Robearboy2704d ago

Cos of the of British are the same, just like Blacks, asians, hispanics.....

Downtown boogey2704d ago

I almost pressed disagree...

Johandevries2704d ago

Are the Blacks a people? You cannot deny the existence of peoples, of a generally shared culture.

Robearboy2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Of course black people are people, they are not Aliens or animals are they...
All i'm saying as that you cant tar all of the British people with the same brush, just like any other nation, race and gender they are good ones and they are complete retards

PainisCupcake2704d ago

Next time someone invades your country we wont bother to liberate you then lol

Johandevries2704d ago

Damn, German humour is not all that special

PainisCupcake2704d ago

Next time I come to Arnhem with my grandad we'll spit on the bridge just for you lol

Johandevries2704d ago

Unfortunately your inevitably required cup of tea won't be supplied then

PainisCupcake2704d ago

You can hate my people but you dare deny my obligatory cup of char, this sir is war! En guard! lol

Johandevries2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

At least we all failed together in the Battle of the Java Sea.

Solidarity beyond seas!

Edit: Who's the serious cat disagreeing with all my comments?

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DelbertGrady2704d ago

The single player is horrible. No question. Multiplayer on the other hand is a different beast.

2704d ago