PC Gaming Is Dead

NowGamer takes a sarcastic look at why PC gaming, is in fact, NOT dead at all, and how everyone who says it is should shut up.

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movements2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Wow, NowGamer. Wow. Seriously, another less fiery title would do, because obviously PC gaming is alive and well.

Lest your forgot Crysis 2, Battlefield 3 and lots make which all make consoles look like rubbish....

I'll approve though, makes for good entertainment.

fastrez2555d ago

It's a satirical article about how PC gaming ISN'T dead.

Did you read it?

movements2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Nope, I did not. But you don't have to read an article to make a comment about its headline, especially one so flaming. Your title says "PC Gaming Is Dead", and I comment on that, saying, no, it's not. And your headline is harsh...even if I never read the article.

Surely, you've judged a woman by her looks, right? And surely you had no idea who she was, is, whatever -- it's human nature, you should know this.

fastrez2555d ago

OK, no need to get so mad about it. It was just a simple question.

But I submitted it as they had it written on their site, so yeah I guess the emphasis is on NowGamer to not make it so flame-baiting.

anasurimbor2555d ago

Haha. Too lazy to even the article summary?

Kran2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Im not sure whether to take this article seriously or laugh at it :/

The title is "PC Gaming Is Dead".
The description:

"NowGamer takes a sarcastic look at why PC gaming, is in fact, NOT dead at all" So are they saying it's dead or not?

I've looked at the article, and it makes no sense ;/ The article is defending PC (I think), but why add a title that'll confuse many? :S

SuperKing2555d ago

For hits bro. There's no honour among gaming journalists.

Kran2555d ago

NowGamer is popular on it's own. Why the heck would it need hits?

fastrez2555d ago

But isn't getting hits how websites stay alive?

It's a funny piece though, and an opinion blog, so it's just this guy having a laugh it seems.