Kinect Used to Recreate Stand Alone Complex World

Andriasang: Kamakura-based Kayac has put Microsoft's Kinect peripheral to unique use for an upcoming interactive exhibit that will help promote the upcoming Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. Solid State Society 3D movie.

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ArmrdChaos2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Is there a video link for this anywhere? And no...I am not referring to the atypical witless hate links that get posted.

Godmars2902703d ago

If this isn't coming to the 360, especially around the time of the movie's release, then I don't know what's going - they're missing a big opportunity here.

killershadow1172703d ago

AWESOME!! Would be awesome if it was released as an indie game and not someone just messing around with it and not releasing it to the public.

zeal0us2703d ago

People keep doing these amazing thing with Kinect but wheres High-end/AAA game...I getting tired of playing these family kinect/kid games(no offense to those that like them).

other that this look pretty sick, almost want to dive into the pic lol