New Tales of Xillia Famitsu scan show new village and world map

Newest Weekly Famitsu revealed a screen shot of a new village and some screen which might be a field or world map.

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smartcat2590d ago

looking better than ff13 =D

sinncross2590d ago

Looks cool. Hopefully it gets an English release, please!!!!

truehunter2590d ago

Hope isnt the key word to use on Namco Bandie. They clearly wont/ Never let go of there license titles when it comes outside of state.

KillaManiac2590d ago

I definitely think we will get this IF Tales of Graces F sales enough in NA.

Question is...when will they ever release more info since it was announced for NA. :O

ZeroX98762590d ago

looks amazing! can't wait to play this game. Just hoping Namco Bandai will bring this title over here

dragonknight42590d ago

This game has towns unlike a certain other bad RPG.

DangerTick2590d ago

RPG without towns? Oh...I know what you're talking about.

Final Fantasy 13


& Demon's Souls.


CLOUD19832590d ago

This game looks awesome hopefully we r going to see this gem cross the borders of JPN to the rest of the world, btw this is the most anticipated game for PS3 in JPN based on a galop as I read few days ago 2nd is VersusXIII anyway this looks/smell traditional JRPG and btw I dont know about u guys but I really love this anime art style when I play as I am a huge anime fan all in all cant w8 to play it!!! plz bring this to EU and font forget to leave original Japanese VO inside with subs we don't need any horrible english dub ty ^__^