World of Tacomacraft

World of Warcraft teams up with Toyota to create a new commercial that is very well done. It remains to be seen if this form of marketing will help either Toyota or Blizzard, but with somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 million subscribers, does it matter.

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nurayi3724d ago

how are they intending to sell trucks with this

Crazyglues3724d ago

I love that commercial, Pure Genius....

Jinxstar3724d ago

As a former WoW player. This is hilarious. I wish they would do like a temporary toyota mount =P would be funny as hell

emaddox843724d ago

Haha, I saw this while I was watching the GA TN game. Hilarious.

Kulupoo3724d ago

I laugh so hard when he said 4 WHEELS OF FURY!