Dead Island Interview at GWN; Wii too weak for development

Techland has provided GWN with an exclusive interview on their upcoming project, Dead Island. Subjects covered include PC vs. 360 development, the rating it will receive (Mature), the damage system, the design of the island itself, potential development on the PS3 and Wii, and much more.

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HeavyweightInTheGame4084d ago

First Mark Rein says it and now this. Could this be the end of devs creating games for the Wii? Even though it is an inovative system, I still don't understand why they didn't make it a more powerful system. How far do they think those nunchucks can take them?

In Mid Air4084d ago

You know what would be funny as he11, when the next consoles come out and Nintendo is tired of everyone trashing the Wii's low hardware and last-gen grapics, then Nintendo somehow has 'HOLY CRAP!! FVCKIN AWSOME!! GRAPHICS!' for there next system! lol

ParaDise_LosT4084d ago

Yeah lmao...
I'll die if Nintendo makes a console that can make Lifelike
(better than crysis gfx) next gen hahahaha....

although it can be done....with the HUGE success of both DS and the Wii
They can afford making an expensive console...
and with their H U G E and growing Casual fanbase
They can monolopize all console gaming.....

hahahaha that'd be the day huh....
Nntendo over charging the Console world instead of Sony
and monopolizing the market instead of Microsoft

JosefTor4084d ago

Wow... when I saw the looks of this game I instantly hoped it was soley for the Wii because the graphics were not up to par. Now I know that these graphics are even too good for the Wii. Kinda makes me laugh.

And before the Nintendo fanboys say it isn't all about the graphics... great graphics (notice I didn't say realistic) do help and... if current Wii games are to judge... I'd say most Wii games don't have good gameplay either except a couple. I do own a Wii too for all those who don't know.

I still wish that Nintendo went the way of Sega and made Mario and other first party games on Sony and Microsoft consoles. I'm tired of purchasing Nintendo's console for a couple good games. I always do though cuz I am a fan.

fopums4084d ago

I hope they start work on a PS3 version, for some reason this game really intrigues me....

oh wait its FRICKING Zombies!

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