Nintendo 3DS line starter kicked out by NYPD

From PGN: "This below is a video of one fan in New York whom despite being kicked out of the line he started on Monday (by the police), is back today and plans on staying still until Sunday's handheld release. Luckily for you readers, PGN is going to have a 3DS you won't have to freeze out there in line."

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DolfZigglers2826d ago

You have to give credit to people like this that stand out and camp out in line for the products they love. Be it movies, books, games or tickets to sporting event. Passion about something is what they have. I could wait a few hours but not DAYS. Good luck avoiding getting caught.

nfourgtoday2826d ago

I've camped out for a few systems but only 24 hours at most. Does anyone think this thing is going to be huge on ebay like every other system?
I bet they'll go for $500 at least.

simmies2826d ago

Damn that's crazy waiting in line for days for the 3ds but it's totally worth it having the first ones

eagle212826d ago

I recognize his face from the Wii launch pictures in NYC. I think he was first and took a pic with Reggie. I can't believe they would tell someone about to give their store money to go

Sun_e2825d ago

Some people will do anything to have the first product. I think starting a line this early is not such a great idea. Like stated earlier I would wait a few hours but never a day But to each his own.

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