SOCOM 4 Multiplayer Beta TDM Supression: Gameplay and Commentary – First Impressions

Some gameplay and commentary for the SOCOM 4 Multiplayer Beta on PS3 from

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ThanatosDMC2588d ago

Texas Beast is a MAG player. Forgot which clan and im pretty sure he was a killer so that might explain his high lv. Anyway, it did seem empty when he was wondering around looking for enemies it looks like something that needs to have more players... but that's the MAG in me talking.

SlickShoes2588d ago

SOCOM does not need more players, 8v8 is how SOCOM works best, as a non respawn game at heart there is no need for more.

ThanatosDMC2588d ago

I'm just talking about this particular game mode his playing. I like the classic Socom. Socom 2 and not Socom 3 though. The maps that they've shown so far are too open and lack cover and camo unlike classic Socom. It's too MAG oriented.

SlickShoes2588d ago

That map he is playing is literally choc full of cover all over the place, if anything they have too much of it in.

In the other map there are lots of hiding places too and jungle type bushes to sit in if you so please.

He was playing 16v16 which is as big as SOCOM gets, i think it would be hfar too crowded with more than 32 players.

Horny2588d ago

Cant wait to play this.
This guy complains a lot, especially about snipers.

MysticStrummer2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Funny to hear someone complain about camping in a game with a cover system. Even the old Socoms, which had no cover system, were designed for camping. I'd rather play a game where humans act like humans would on a real battlefield than play one where they run and jump around out in the open. I'd like to see a Hardcore mode in Socom that used the cover system, no respawn, and the more sim oriented bullet damage of a game like Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. It would be frustrating but intense. The high level player that killed him is probably on Spring Break and doing nothing but playing Socom 4. Lucky bastard.

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