Ghostbusters Avatar Items Now Available On Xbox360!

Ghostbusters items for your Xbox360 avatar are now available on the Xbox Marketplace, as a tie-in to Ghostbusters: Sanctum Of Slime.

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Armyntt2378d ago

Yes if by free you mean 270 M$ points which is equal to like 1 dollar and 11 cents or something ridiculous.

Lubu2378d ago

800msp=$10 270msp=$3.375. Can that be right? $3 for an Avatar suit?
All the Avatar stuff I have has be downloaded for free from givaways, or as rewards from games. I refuse to pay for these items, or for themes and gamerpics for that matter. Especially when I consider how many times I've changed my theme and gamer pic.

Kon2378d ago

Nothing is free on XBL marketplace.

Raendom2378d ago

Does Sony get money from this then (Columbia has rights to Ghostbusters, and Columbia is owned by Sony)?

kissmeimgreek2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

I dont believe so... Im pretty sure sonys Movie division and hardware division operate independently of each other, or I could be wrong...

Also since sony let Konami publish the Battle LA game on ps3 and 360 im assuming they get to choose without worrying about the hardware division.