Modern Warfare 2 Anti-Hack Patch Proves Effective, Online Play Clean as a Whistle

"Its only been a few weeks since Infinity Ward released the latest patch for Modern Warfare 2 to combat hackers and modders in order to clean-up the online portion of the game and actually make it playable again. We’ve spent quite a bit of time online with this latest patch, and here’s what we’ve found."

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Dart892588d ago

Why didn't they do this from the beginning??

NJShadow2588d ago

I guess the whole 'PS3 Being Hacked' thing exacerbated the issue. I will say, once the PS3 was hacked was when things started to REALLY get bad. But true, would've been nice if security was a top priority from day one.

El Nino2588d ago

Exactly, Props for fixing it but its waaaay too late.

Johandevries2588d ago

That took them only 2 years

BigWoopMagazine2588d ago

yup, like a year and a half after I sold it.

SynysteR2588d ago

Better late than never..

Hayabusa 1172588d ago

"Hackers"? What you mean "hackers"...? There's never been any hackers on Modern Waref...oooooooh you mean the PS3 version ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.