Sony registers new "CECHG06" PS3 model

Rumors have surfaced stating that Sony may have yet another PS3 SKU on the way. According to, Sony has registered a certain model labeled CECHG06 (160GB PS3), similar to the 40GB PS3's CECHG01.

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xaphanze3793d ago

since the 60GB will be ruled out then im not surprised.

Mainman3793d ago

CECHG06 was reported to the FCC? Or was it reported on a quality control agency of a different country?

Observer3793d ago

Sony should seek to standardize their product, not diversify it, lest people who buy the "lower end" PS3's feel they are missing something.

But what do I know, an enterprise as big as Sony should know what's better for it's own.

Violater3793d ago

"But what do I know, an enterprise as big as Sony should know what's better for it's own."

This simple fact is overlooked by so many.

ktchong3793d ago

doesn't quite explain why Sony has lost so many format wars.

EZCheez3793d ago

Why they sold 100 million plus on each of their last consoles.

Daves3793d ago

But it IS standard from a dev point of view (HD) as are all PS3.

And yes I'm a dev.

WAR_MACHINE773793d ago

Just how many format wars has sony lost? The only failed format that I can think of is minidisc. I know people think that betamax failed but the fact is it made untold amounts of money for them since it was adopted as the television broadcast standard.

feejo3793d ago

They just do like Xbox, that have many different models.

wageslave3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

What? Are you joking? Sony is the KING of Failed proprietary formats:

Betamax lost to VHS.
DAT - stillborn
Memory Stick is a failure, sony still ramming it down its users' throats.
UMD - see music or movies on UMD anymore? No.
ATRAC - stillborn
Sony Dynamic Digital Sound
Multi-Media Compact Disc
Super Audio CD
Professional Disc for DATA (PDD)

Sony is a laughing stock for trying to lock its customers into closed formats again and again. And it is VERY widely known, I cant believe your trying to say you've never heard this with a straight face. Unless your 8 years old.

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xaphanze3793d ago

if its only an upgrade in HDD then whatever, but different specs will confuse costumers.

Spike473793d ago

the 160gb I guess will go for 600 bucks, but which sku for go for 500?

Are they gonna drop the 80gbs price.

xaphanze3793d ago

the 80GB for 500$? sounds reasonable. 400$,500$ and 600$.