Rumor: New Kinect in the making

According to recent job postings on Microsoft’s career page, it appears that the company is looking for people with knowledge regarding Kinect-related technology. Of course we do not expect Microsoft to just lay back for a few years until Kinect gets to the end of its life cycle, but should we expect the next generation Kinect already this year?

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BrianG2704d ago

I already read a Wall Street Journal article shortly after Kinects release mentioning the future of the device. MS has already been planning Kinect 2, or whatever you want to call it. It's only natural in a highly competitive market.

tehpees32703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

lolz typical M$ make the previous thing you bought useless


M$ just left the xbox didn't give a damn about backwards compatibility as soon as 360 came out. still some of the best xbox games aren't for 360.

they abandon their hardcore fanbase with kinect and now they are making that worthless. except this time in the course of 1 year

Kon2703d ago

Can you point me to other examples of Microsoft making a previous thing useless?

tmoss7262703d ago

Actually this list says otherwise

And they won't make the second Kinect come out LESS THEN A YEAR AFTER THE FIRST. You're an idiot.

AGamerOfConsoles2703d ago

Where did bringing it out in 1 year come from?

testerg352703d ago

thepees3, weird I thought MS did have some backward compatibility and only stopped adding games to it a like 2yrs ago. Wasn't it Sony that completly took BC away?

kneon2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Who said they are making the current model useless?

It's to be expected that once the Kinect was done that they would be working on the successor. It could be as simple as how to make it more cost effective to manufacture or they may be working on a version for the next gen with a higher resolution and higher frame rate camera with better light sensitivity in order to increase the accuracy and responsiveness.

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PandemicPrawn02704d ago

Kinect 2.0 is a given at this point.

All things are pointing to a next gen console from Microsoft sooner rather then later.

Job postings for next gen hardware.
New graphics tech from both Epic and Lionhead.
And now rumours of a next gen Kinect.

E3 could be very interesting this year.

Robearboy2703d ago

As long as its not fully integrated into the Next xbox without the choice of controllers then good luck to them

guigsy2703d ago

They would never do that, they would lose as many hardcore gamers as they are currently gaining in the casual market.

kookie2703d ago

It will be Proved at E3 later this year

AGamerOfConsoles2703d ago

Is this supposed to be the original one they promised as they were removing features?

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