Windows Gaming Experience- Xbox 360 NXE for the PC

“This is an internal Microsoft team video showing concepts and principles of what the WGX (Windows Gaming Experience) team hopes to accomplish. Ubiquity of games on Windows, on Xbox, and on Microsoft’s mobile platform is what we see as a goal in this video.”

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gamersheep2800d ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again - the PC game market is dead.

KonradG2800d ago

You couldn't be more wrong, it's the biggest gaming platform in the WORLD.

evrfighter2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

feeding trolls is not good for you.

All you needed to do was watch video on youtube and check the likes and dislikes.

nuff said.

and why do I keep reading p0wned as pound...

wwm0nkey2800d ago

gamersheep Steam and Valve would like to say "hi"

The PC gaming market is FAR from dead.

peowpeow2800d ago really are a sheep

Godmars2902800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Think you meant to say that MS's attempt to dominate the PC gaming scene is dead. It will never rise above the level of Steam, especially with only a few bells and whistles borrowed off XBL.

egidem2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

People have said it before and I will say it again - the PC market is NOT FUCKING DEAD.

Want proof? Take a freaking tour in Steam! I just purchased The Witcher - Enhanced Edition for only $10. I didn't even know this deal, thanks to one of my friends on Steam. Steam is PROOF that the PC market is not dead.

The only people convinced that they can rule the PC market are Microsoft, and their strategy is combining casual stuff with social interactions for their new Games for Windows eXperience stuff, and yes, they want you to pay for it every year. The sad part is, there will actually be people naive enough to fall for this. At an even sadder part is their new strategy to woo and lure the market is on the wrong platform.

The PC was, is and will always remain the main hub where the truly hardcore gamers game. If Microsoft is trying to lure them to pay for virtual items and spend more on these hated methods of microtransactions, then they are simply headed in the wrong direction.

No serious PC gamer will go for this "too casual/childish" experience and worst of all, be demanded by Microsoft to fork over some greens every year.

This is the reason why Steam is very popular (just look at their mad holiday sales and deals). People simply have a much better experience with Steam and I for one thank, Gabe for the existence of Steam!

KonradG2799d ago

Do you think that at some point Steam will get so big that they'll start charging a monthly fee?
I could see that happening.

ATiElite2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

"I've said it before and I'll say it again - the PC game market is dead".

Well Steam made a Billion dollars last year all by itself and if making a Billion dollars is dead then sign me up.

What you meant to say is.....
"I've said it before and I'll say it again - Games For Windows Live is dead".

zag2800d ago

The PC retail game market is dead.

But PC game sales online only made around 14 billion last year and that isn't world wide, I think that's just the US market or UK/US markets.

See the thing people don't understand is that WOW makes something like 200 million a month, that's 1 game.

Console players/games see a console only game sell say 3 million and think that's heaps in terms of sales but compared to the PC market it's like you've just made 3 dollars in sales.

DeadlyFire2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Market isn't dead. Microsoft is scared of entering the PC market. Even with the stupid crap they come up with they have some supporters, but they are retarded to support such crap.

Microsoft is all about Xbox 360 market. They have many 60 people working with GFW mess at most and they all think if only we had more avatar crap it would be exciting. They are certainly wrong.

STEAM + Impulse + Desura(From + 1 other client software thing out there. Can't think of it right now. These programs are the future of PC gaming. Support them or not. They stand a much better chance at changing the PC market than any other player in the PC world. STEAM is in the lead with more players than Xbox Live I believe with 30 Million accounts. 6 Million active everyday. Fact > http://www.rockpapershotgun...

PC market in 2009 graphics card sales hit 51 Billion. I say that is worth taking a look at. A dead market would not attribute to such sales. NVIDIA, AMD, Intel would all be dead if PC market was dead. Instead they are growing and we have Intel aiming to make High end graphics cards and breaching the market by 2013, and NVIDIA working on ARM CPU tech for consumer desktops. As well as AMD working on a cloud platform. OTOY anyone?

Bear_Grylls2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

You know what I love

When the new Xbox/PS3 comes in the "servers" (if you can call them that lol) will be shut down killing all your online games.

10 years from now on PC, as long as someone is running a server the game is still alive online. PLUS I WILL STILL BE ABLE TO PLAY ALL MY GAMES FROM 10+ YEARS AGO!

That's what I love about all the console kiddies now days. New Xbox/PS3 hits and you will never be able to play any of the COD games form this gen anywhere bar the PC! Or any other online console game for that matter. And yet they somehow defend this shitty system forced on them by MS/Sony to the bitter end and call us PC elitists.

10 years from now I will still be able to log on COD, Crysis etc. and still play online.

all you console players practically RENT YOUR ONLINE GAMES FROM MICROSOFT AND SONY until they are done sucking your money and switch them off!

Invest your money wisely and get a gaming PC.

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wwm0nkey2800d ago

Really happy this is getting a lot of negativity.

Maybe it will make MS wake up and see what Steam is doing right that they are doing wrong. The only good thing GFWL did was that $1 deal week they did, which was amazing!

KonradG2800d ago

Steam is an awesome platform.
Also, soon Steam will enable you to record video game footage. "Winning" !

wwm0nkey2800d ago

Yeah really can't wait for that update, then there is big picture mode coming soon which will basically destroy onlive and ruin that "comfy couch" argument lol

zag2799d ago

Wish MS didn't push GFW that has really fucked up PC games with that live xbox shit chucked in like MS think PC people really want that shit, even though they have had it for the last 15 or so years.

STeam is also shit as well, but people have only gone to it because of the sales it has not because it's good.

The problem now with MS wanting in this market they will force people to use the xbox crap on a PC or you can't play/use games on windows even if you do have steam on there as well.

Bear_Grylls2799d ago

Explain how steam is shit and I might listen to you.

Till then YOU FAILED.

wwm0nkey2799d ago

How the hell is Steam shit? Im pretty sure all these people (myself included) wouldnt be using it if it was shit.

Solid_Snake-2799d ago

steam is shit lol

steam has cross game voice chat.

steam has a buddy list.

steam lets you pick your own server.

steam has cloud.

steam has amazing sales.

steam offers you exclusive content for pre-orde

steam lets you mod your games.

so whats shitty about that.

Jacobite2799d ago

Hows Steam shit? does everything Xbox live does and for free, great game libary, no stupid baby avatars. PSN and GFW dont have a look in either and I use PSN

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Ult iMate2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Wow! Check out the like/dislike meter of this vid on youtube:
340 likes, 9,335 dislikes
It's like 96% of gamers are saying: "Screw you with your vision of future of gaming!"
Nethertheless Kinect sold 8 mils, so...

Godmars2902800d ago

And MS has no proper software to exploit Kinect's success.

Ult iMate2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

I think, 340 casuals of 8 Kinect's mils, that liked this vid, don't care much about no proper software.
And MS don't care much for 96% dislikes for this vid, as they have 8 million people to sell their new vision of future of gaming.
And that is sad.

ATiElite2800d ago

yeh and 15 million people bought Mili Vanilli's album and that doesn't make it the best!

Actually Kinect is the Milli Vanilli of the gaming industry.

Milli Vanilli- has No Talent
kinect- has No games
MV- didn't sing on there own album
Kinect is best used on the PC
MV-15 million albums sold but you'll never see one
Kinect 8 million units sold and I know no one with one

Ult iMate2800d ago

That's right.
Good thing is that at least more than 9 thousand core-gamers (and that is 96.5% voted) share their dislike-opinion for this vid.

Bear_Grylls2799d ago

When I finally did play Kinect I was like WTF was all that hyping about? This is pathetically crap.

FGHFGHFGH2798d ago

MS should make Milli Vanilli dance for kinect it will sell millions

Demonsdown2799d ago

............ *takes a slow step back* I'm gona go watch some porn now for some reason my brain feels dirty and I need something to wash it clean.

bwazy2799d ago

Sooooooo. Halo Reach on PC? Time to see all those "MLG Pros" get owned.

Bear_Grylls2799d ago

One thing I would like to see is Halo 3, ODST & Reach come to PC.

3 in 1 pack would be sick.

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