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Dart892701d ago

F*** yea if it's true.

miyamoto2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Include the Umrella & Darkside Chronicles with Move compatibility Capcom... then you have my dough. It will be one of the smartest moves ever.

JoySticksFTW2701d ago

Good call... and no "must buy the gold edition a few months later for Move support" crap.

Love RE4! Leon's the man... And to think that he was supposedly just a rookie cop in RE2

And Code Veronica is cool too. You get to play as pre-steroid Chris half-way through the game

CPmonkey2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Nintendo hold the rights to those two games. Like they do with Remake and zero.

I doubt we'll see them on any other systems any time soon.

Which is a shame cos I'd buy them for sure.

Denethor_II2701d ago

Lol at the 'pre-steroid'. I suppose his vanity got the better of him.

jneul2701d ago

@cpmonkey i seriously doubt nintendo have any rights and it was all capcoms choice to put it on wii, besides those rights would have expired by now just look at all the multiplats that came to ps3 after they was ment to be for x360 only

Vherostar2701d ago

HD remastered? Means it won't be on 360.. All these HD remakes havn't so far appeared on 360 why would this be any different? Theres too many licensing issues for them to come out on 360 I think.

Minimox162701d ago

wow why not also RE Outbreak Remastered HD with better online :/

TheLastGuardian2701d ago

Mmmmm, awesome. Day 1. I hope at least RE4 has Move support.

antz11042701d ago

I thought RE4 was great but Code Veronica is where my heart is! Now if they had only put RE2 in as bundle I guess.

Solidus187-SCMilk2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

RE 2 is my favorite. You can play it 4 times, alternating with each character, and see more and more of the story. It really ends on the train and you fight the giant spiky blob thing. Nemisis in RE3 is a rip off of MR. X in re 2, who chases you around the mansion the second time you play as a character.

RE2 is my favorite and HD would be sweet. Who knows how that would work with those pre rendered backgrounds tho. I would play it now but I only have the Clare disk, lost the LEON one.

lociefer2700d ago

is it too much to ask to add res 1/2/ nemesis ?

humbleopinion2700d ago

There are tons of HD remakes on the 360, and the last one appeared just recently: Beyond good & Evil.

The only difference is that these remakes get a reasonable 10$ price tag in XBLA, and don't force you to buy a 40$ multi game compilation even if you want just one game.

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Sony3602701d ago

I sort of agree but how many times do we need to have Resi-Evil 4 re-released?

Code Veronica is a good idea as it was probably the least played, but why can't some of the originals get some more love?

Resident Evil 2 was probably the greatest of all time and it's gotten no attention. The Gamecube remake for the first was great, let's see a HD revival of that bundled with a remake of Resi evil 2!

lizard812882701d ago


i remember when it was a gamecube exclusive ( like viewtiful joe was too 9_9) & the director said he'd have his own head cut off if it was ported...

i guess he is a hydra or something?...

TVippy2701d ago

Oh, come ON! Who needs the fucking four? It was rereleased countless times. Make the HD remakes of 2 and 3 already, damnit!

showtimefolks2701d ago

that give us a chance to either replay our games or play great games we missed

case and point on 2 games from last gen:

beyond good and evil

ico on ebay was pretty expensive now we can play it in HD

RE4 in HD is what i have been looking forward to for a long time

jak in HD
ratchet 4 games from ps2 in HD
mgs1-3 in hd
zone of enders 1-2
KH1-2 in hd

Jaces2701d ago

Give us 1-3 as well and I'll bite...if not, I'll still bite. :D

SSKILLZ2700d ago

Aaaaahhhhh. Hell to the motha fucking yeah !!

CrIpPeN2700d ago

To bad you can't get first and second game a remake on PS3.

Resident Evil 4 I already played in HD. Because of the mods you can do with PC.

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Ahasverus2701d ago

Great, Code Veronica needs more love. PLaying 4 again would be nice :)

RedDead2701d ago

Good to play CV again, but I have Re4 on Ps2, wii and Pc already...They should focus on the ones that need a remaster, Re2 and 3 to be exact.

Ahasverus2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

I agree, I would kill for a 2-3 remake, they were not long games, they could remake them both (they even reuse some assets)

hot4play2701d ago

^^^Agree to all.

Nice to see HD versions of RE:CV and RE4.

REmake 1 HD, REmake 2 and REmake 3 would rule them all tho---problem is, Shinji Mikami is no longer working for Capcom... :/

sikbeta2701d ago

Why not all? :P

RE:DA for me XD

AAACE52701d ago

Code Veronica was the only RE game I actually got into and liked. Ahh the Dreamcast days...

MaxXAttaxX2701d ago

It was on Dreamcast too? Forgot about that.
I played it on the PS2.

WetN00dle692701d ago

It was actually released on the Dreamcast first.

DaTruth2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

It was better on Dreamcast! When you tried to escape through doors the zombies would actually follow you into the next room!

On PS2 they would just wait in the room like they never saw you! I was so disappointed after playing it at home on my PS2 after playing it my friend's house on DC!

qface642701d ago

meh i still have re4 and code veronica so if its just a re release with updated resolution then i see no reason to go all ape shit over this

from what ive seen lately with these announcements whatever cool thing YOU think its gonna be its gonna end up not being that
so i really doubt its a remake probably just hd re releases

Nitrowolf22701d ago

It says HD Remastered right in the title, so yeah def. sounds like an HD Re release. Either way the trophies and higher resolution does it for me, along with being on one disc. Now knowing Capcom this will be a $60 game rather then your average $40 for HD collections.

EYEamNUMBER12701d ago

well technically speaking it would be a re re release?

anyways for me achievements/trophies and higher resolution aren't worth 60 bucks

i still own re4 on the wii and that's all the re4 i need but i can't play code veronica anymore though since i had the ps2 version (no bcanymore)

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Lamarthedancer2701d ago

Is it just RE4 and Code Veronica or is there more unannounced ?