Crazy Halo Reach Deal: $14 + Donation to Red Cross Japan Writes:

Sold on PlayAsia, the deal is currently on for the week where Halo: Reach is on sale for $14 (Plus $4 shipping) with one dollar from each purchase being given to the Red Cross in Japan to aid in cleanup and emergency efforts. Works on PAL and NTSC region Xbox 360's, so snag one today for a cheap game and a $1 donation.

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writersblock2799d ago

Are they not selling at a total loss then?

SixZeroFour2799d ago

i wouldnt be surprised if they already made a profit since release

Big_L2799d ago

They likely just have lots of copies in stock to get rid of

Exquisik2799d ago

This is the Asia version, not the U.S. version.

Legion2799d ago

This is region free. Only difference is graphics on the cover and option for chinese text if you choose. The manual has dual Chinese and English sections.

Works perfectly with all DLC. If you are able to get a copy then this is a recommended source with the sale only lasting one week.

The link is in the article:

Legion2799d ago

Often sites will post a sale of a popular game for a cause and the cost/loss is offset by attraction to the site and goes into the advertisement budget.

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Flexatron2799d ago

That's one hell of a deal. I already purchased the game, but with this price, I may just buy one for my cousin.

airhorn952799d ago

Site seems extremely sketchy and its 4 the asian version the NTSC-U (USA version) is even more expensive then when the game was released.

Legion2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Sketchy...? How so? I have checked out the site and see no issue with anything sold here.

Do some research before assuming the worst.


And yes... US versions often cost us a bit more over here to get. Just the luck of the draw with the international sales and all.

airhorn952799d ago

Hahahahahah the site has tracked me down. Whatever you say if u claim ur site is legit I'll believe u bc no1 ever lies on the internet. Sorry 4 offending u guys lol.

Legion2799d ago

I have the NTSC-J version that works perfectly on my US Xbox 360.

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