Homefront Team Slaving to Expand Dedicated Servers for Demand

Jon Ireson: "The demand to play Homefront, which is one of the few games out there that plays host to dedicated servers, is massive. Many Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players are still experiencing problems as the servers are overflowing with gamers. On top of this the lead platform PS3 seems to be handling some things better than the Xbox 360 counterpart is. For example Xbox 360 is suffering from some unique problems that will be patched soon including far away quick game joining on the dedicated servers and freezing problems."

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SpaceSquirrel2591d ago

The multiplayer is fun. I hope the developer works out the issue soon.

Myst2591d ago

Agreed. Just got out of a match was kind of surprised I got in and got myself a bit addicted to it and the ones following lol.

xAlmostPro2591d ago

I still havent been able to get into a game without it freezing :/ and the community manager said to me on twitter "the freezing issue sucks, working to fix it asap" but c'mon.. almost a full week without being able to play the game i paid aswell as causing harm to my ps3..

I'm not denying it's not a good game, it probably is.. but for me it's something i won't get to enjoy because im gonna trade it(or get a full refund if i can) aswell as trading black ops lol.. either get crysis 2 or wait for motorstorm

egm_hiphopgamer2591d ago

Homefront is amazing, new article in the works regarding this title you'll see

BX812591d ago

That article needs the title of.... All shit fixed... enjoy!

JackBNimble2591d ago

HHG... and if this article comes from you you'll only do more harm then good. No one takes your shit seriously and you lack the respect of the gaming community.

If you had any brains at all you would do a piece on Mario and leave homefront alone.

Venomousfatman2591d ago

Homefront looks real good. From what I've seen so far it really brings something new in the form of an heavy emotional attachment to what is going on.

Ravenor2591d ago

In the SP it goes for early shock factor but it's fairly standard from the bus ride on. A few piled corpses here and there but nothing spectacular.

MP is good though.

WetN00dle692591d ago

MP is amazing actually..........just wish it would stop freezing. And i hope the patch doesnt reset my Rank when they release it cause that would suck.

Ravenor2590d ago

The SP really isn't anything spectacular, I would love for some explanation as to what makes it "Better" then something super boilerplate like CoD?

Is it when the guy with an anger problem starts yelling racial slurs and firing like a crazy person? Real emotional. Homefront is about as emotional as Heavy Rain and in my books thats not a good thing.

Hitman07692591d ago

Thanks to Homefront devs this game came out great, can't wait to see what they do with their next game.

BX812591d ago

The single player-graphics maybe. They handled the MP side wrong as far as servers. I saw it coming though considering the UFC games had the worst lag ever. It's brutal as hell to play UFC 2010 online. I just wish homefront had better graphics so I could see those roof campers better!

bumnut2591d ago

Homefront came out great? it doesn't even work properly.

Dart892591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

What's the difference between dedicated servers and whatever servers cod uses??

Wow a disagree for asking a ? really??

Criminal2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

I'm no expert on this subject, but what I know is that on every COD multiplayer match, the game picks a host (the player with the best download and upload speeds). So, the host acts like a server for that particular match.

Ducky2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

It means reliability.

Dedicated servers are fixed geographically, so you don't have to play russian roulette with matchmaking and risk getting thrown in a match where the hosts sucks.

For example, I have a few servers favorited for TF2. Every time I launch the game, I check which servers have players and check who's playing and then join one of them. I know I'll be getting the same ping every time. With matchmaking, god knows what ping I'll end up with.

There's more advantages too such as admin tools and stuff, but I think that only applies to PC.

annus2591d ago

Dedicated servers means just that. They are servers that are dedicated to hosting matches. They aren't some 14 year old who is playing CoD as well as hosting, blasting music from youtube while streaming porn. They are hosted by people (usually ISPs or paid servers) that are designed to ONLY have the server running on them. Think of it in CoD terms as if there was an extra person who was the host and you all connected to them, and they could not do anything else with their internet, including playing in that match.

pr0digyZA2591d ago

Adding to what was said above, it also means that there wont be any hosts that quit right at the end, therefor making the entire map you played pointless.

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