Team Fortress 2 Meet The Medic Trailer Coming ‘Soon’


"According to a fan who visited Valve‘s offices, the next Team Fortress 2 Meet The Team video will star the Medic, and it’s coming sooner rather than later.

"While at the Valve headquarters, the extremely luck fan got to see an unfinished version of the Meet The Medic video, along with some DOTA 2.

"“I’ve seen it and it’s 100% real. It’s about 80-90% done, and will be released ‘soon’.”"

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TABSF2704d ago

One of the best games ever made.

Team Fortress 2 just proves that FPS can be different and diverse compared to the boring and typical CoD and MoH games.

Valve just delivers and delivers all the time, less than 1 month till Portal 2

gaminoz2704d ago

Yeah but whatever happened to the next Half Life?

XboxOZ3602704d ago

It's still underway, that's for sure. They have been working on Half Life 3 for several years now, while other teams work on extensions to existing franchises and titles.

We'll prob hear 'some news' at E3 2011, or at the very least, TGS re it's schedule.

They have several titles on track for release, and it's obvious they need to concentrate on those first and foremost - naturally.

But it's great to get more additions to the Team Fortress family. Not being a MP kinda-guy, it's not my bag, but I sure can see the viability of this over say CoD or MoH series.

This is by far much more down-n-out 'fun', which is what the original franchise was ALL about.