G4TV: Age of Empires Online First Look

With Age of Empires Online, Gas Powered Games is taking over the successful RTS franchise, taking it online, and making it free to play. Blair Herter hears from CEO Chris Taylor and Design Lead Ian Vogel on what it all means for gamers.

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dragonelite2706d ago

Same here was part of the closed beta.
For my feeling it felt like AGE 2

DeadlyFire2706d ago

I must say I despise this game. Its just not fun at all. Robot Entertainment left it. Their reason. I have no clue. I am betting they disliked Microsoft's direction after awhile and left the game. I might try this out again in a few months. If no change I doubt I will ever regret not playing it. I am not certain Gas Powered Games can lift this boring thing away from crap, but I would like to see them try.