Appeasing the Gaming God

It seems that morality choices, along with open-ended gameplay, have become fixtures of this generation’s gaming, as both have outlived every fad in game design that hit this set of consoles.

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Stealth20k2552d ago

less quantity and quality this gen on consoles. The handhelds 9ios,ds,psp,3ds,ngp) are where its at

mobijoker2552d ago

There are more blockbusters this gen as well as more poor titles.In previous gen,the average game quality was much much better.
In the game length,this gen gave gamers a serious blow.
In terms of morality choices and open endedness,very few titles have been able to truly implement those.

SeraphimBlade2552d ago

It's a shame the game was so poorly received because it actually got this right. Things were so intertwined, you never knew where a choice as simple as what order you take missions in matters. For example, I befriended the organization G22 in Moscow. When I reached Taipei, I encountered them and did some recon behind their back without killing any of them. Afterward, their leader contacted me, and because we were on good terms, he offered to help me with other missions in exchange for disabling the surveillance I had installed.

mobijoker2551d ago

Exactly!Obsidian did the main thing right.But due to Sega's poor support,they didn't patched it and i don't see a sequel in near future.But i wish Obsidian make a sequel under another publisher.

Liuqahs152551d ago

I forgot all about Alpha Protocol. I'd be willing to play that game if the price was right. Everyone's always got something good to say about it despite how screwed up the actual gameplay seems to have turned out.

mobijoker2550d ago

Ignore the graphics and glitches.Then you will get a fine game whose dialogue and choices are unrivalled.I have played it thrice and i'm still unsure who is the real villain.