Video: Clean Crysis 2 1080p gameplay (PC)

Don Allen gives a quick look at how Crysis 2 looks in 1080p on the PC using a Xbox 360 controller.

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AndrewE2704d ago

gameplay and video loook so clean...

starchild2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

I wonder what kind of a rig this is being played on. Does it say if I click on the link?

Edit @ FatOldMan

Thanks. I was just curious.

Ducky2704d ago

Judging from another one of the videos, it's:

Radeon HD6950 w/ Unlocked Shaders OC'd to 6970 speeds AMD Phenom II 925 x4 2.8GHz OC'd to 3.5GHz 4GB DDR3 RAM Windows 7 64-bit

jwk942704d ago

hey quick question, if i build a gaming PC, am i able to use a ps3 controller with the games similar to how a 360 controller can be used?

LightofDarkness2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Cool, my GTX 580 should slay it, then.


Yes. There is a special driver/program called motionjoy which allows the use of PS3 contollers on Windows PCs.

AKS2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

I'm getting between 35 and 50 fps most of the time (if there are a ton of explosions or everything is shaking it might drop below 30 briefly) on Extreme in 1080p with an OCed GTX 460 1 GB, so there shouldn't be any problem getting a terrific frame rate with higher end cards. On Very High it's generally hovering around 60s or 70s for me. The optimization blows the original Crysis away. Crysis 1 looked incredible for its time, especially with mods, but my gawd was it a resource hog if you cranked everything. I can't wait until later this year when I upgrade so I can play Crysis 2 and other games at a silky smooth framerate. It looks very nice, although I want some sort of setting added that allows me to kill some of this damn bloom. It's really excessive in some places.

I'm hoping DX11 doesn't kill my current PC. I'm holding off upgrading until I hear more about the plans of AMD and Intel regarding their CPUs.

blazsox2704d ago

Now show us the PS3 version

BeastlyRig2704d ago

dude just go to youtube and find it!

MGRogue20172704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Just imagine what the first Crysis would look like running on the new CryEngine 3 :D

And I don't mean by mods, I mean.. developed by Crytek, re-mastered.

peowpeow2704d ago

Is it possible for the community to do that though? If so I'd turn into a jizz machine. Just sayin

Kon2704d ago

I think is very hard, almost impossible.

2704d ago
bozebo2704d ago

"using an Xbox 360 controller"
why? you are on a PC, so use the ~best thing about PC gaming... the mouse

BK-2012704d ago

The controls on PC are a pain now because of consolization.

LightofDarkness2704d ago

Just turn off mouse smoothing. It all goes away.

bozebo2704d ago

What LightofDarkness said.

But if your frame rate isn't above 50ish then it still feels like broken mouse movement (even though Crysis 1 had no mouse lag with 20 odd fps)

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The story is too old to be commented.