New Shin Megami Tensei title announced, first scan

This week's Famitsu has revealed a new entry in the Shin Megami Tensei series.

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Baka-akaB2587d ago

It's great , but it's also time for megaten 4 on home consoles please

Baka-akaB2587d ago

fine i'll be happy to call the disagree guy a moron .
What's wrong with wishing for the official Shin megami tensei 4 along those games ?

Expecting some more from you obviously

Godmars2902587d ago

I didn't put up the disagree, but I've pretty much lost faith in seeing anything more than a decent JRPG on either the 360 or PS3. Just too many examples of them limiting gameplay if its not first or third person.

Reibooi2587d ago

Kinda odd how this is gonna be a DS game. Maybe they are making a version for 3DS as well? It wouldn't be to hard I would think. But after Overclocked comes out and spoils everyone with full VO I'm betting people are gonna be a bit disappointed.

Either way though I'm glad to be getting a sequel. The first Devil Survivor is in my top 3 favorite games on the DS so it's nice to get more.

Also yes to a proper Megaten on consoles. But wouldn't it be Megaten 5? I thought Strange Journey was 4... Could be wrong. There are to many franchises to follow in the SMT universe. I get confused.

Hisiru2587d ago

Yes, Strange Journey = Megaten 4.

tetsuhana2587d ago

YAYYYYY.... oh wait.....DS.

kingdavid2587d ago

Devil Survivor 1 was actually really awesome if you even bothered trying it..

This should be no exception.

Stealth20k2587d ago


A new srpg-awesome
A new megaten-awesome

Cant complain

CrescentFang2587d ago

Oh, I'm glad they're rereleasing Devil Survivor on the 3DS, but it would be more logical for DS2 to be on the 3DS too, right?
I have yet to play DS, but I notice the artist is the mangaka of Yozakura Quartet which I do plan on reading in the future, but haven't yet. I love the art, anyone else?

Orpheus KOS-MOS2587d ago

That's both great and disappointing at the same time

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