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VGW: "The Playstation Move needs a hero. Apart from the outstanding (but optional) Sharp Shooter experience in Killzone 3, the well-implemented (but again, optional) Move support present in Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’12, and the clever (but – you guessed it – optional) use during Heavy Rain’s action sequences, there isn’t anything boasting required motion support of a high enough caliber to make Sony’s Move peripheral a crucial component in your living room. So when Playstation Move Heroes was announced, it’s quite understandable that the drool-worthy crossover of three of Sony’s most beloved franchises instantly propelled expectations skyward."

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hiredhelp2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Thats your opinion. i like the way you hint at the (MOVE SUPPORT)having the option is a good thing. and there are other games that are built for move not just HERO'S'
you make it sound like move is a bad thing what is this article. seems very fanboyish.

PlayerX2702d ago

What a bias review. Does the ps3 hate ever end?

Miths2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

I don't get why seemingly quite a few gaming sites seem to insist on Move being the only control method rather than an option, before they are willing to consider a game a good and valid example of the capabilities of the controller?

Certainly I don't mind such games (I'm still enjoying table tennis and disc golf in Sports Champions on occasion), but there have been quite a few games so far where Move (with or without Nav Controller) has served as an excellent alternative control method.

The worst example I've seen yet of this kind of journalism was a Eurogamer article a month or two ago, where the writer somehow - and quite conveniently it seemed - entirely managed to forget every Move optional game when he was comparing the number of Move and Kinect titles.

killyourfm2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Edit: Apologies, I misread your comment.

callahan092701d ago

Yeah it's weird. Killzone 3 for me is the best FPS on consoles for one reason: Move. I love playing that game with Move, much better than with a dualshock. That's for me, of course. I don't know how everyone else feels about it, but I think they nailed the Move controls for Killzone 3, it's just so much more natural than to play with the dual thumbstick setup for me.

TheLastGuardian2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

I kinda knew this game wouldn't be that good.

I still want to try it out though because I want to use my Move and navigation controllers more and I really like the characters. I may rent it.

The demo was pretty fun but I don't like standing up to play and the announcer is pretty annoying.

Nihilistic isn't a very experienced development company yet. It was obvious to me that they were going to dissapoint fans of Sly, Jak and Ratchet by using them for a mini game collection. I wish they would've made a platforming game instead.

killyourfm2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Note: I sat down for the entire review and had no control issues whatsoever.

Also, I'm not understanding why this is considered PS3 hate. Elsewhere on the site are phenomenal reviews for the likes of LBP2 (a 5/5) and Killzone 3 (4.5/5).

This game is getting poor reviews pretty much everywhere.

hiredhelp2702d ago

yep thats right. i also like to sit down. so i get comfy turn the camera to pick me up and the way i go. and i dont even need to be 6ft away infact im mearly 2ft away.

TheLastGuardian2702d ago

I did. I sat down on my first playthrough of the demo and I had alot of control issues. The second time I tried standing up and it worked perfectly. I have to be standing to fit in the body outline in the calibration stage.

zeal0us2702d ago

Another Jak&Daxter and Sly Cooper game is long overdue but then again I would rater Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch to stay focus on Uncharted 3 and Infamous 2 atm. at until they release or some time afterwards.

Bathyj2702d ago

Well, I have to agree. The Sharpshooter IS outstanding.

But why is he implying having Move support as an OPTION is a bad thing?

If it was Move ONLY, they'd be complaining about no catering to people who dont like it or have it.

Personally, I'd like every person who played Killzone to try the SS, I think many would be surprised, but forcing people would just create backlash.

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