Beenox's Next Spider-Man Game to be Announced at Wondercon - NGLB

Will Beenox's next attempt at the Spider-Man franchise center around the upcoming movie, or something else entirely? The game is set to be revealed at Wondercon, where a panel of the first game's developers will talk about fan's reactions to the first game and how that will shape the sequel.

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Blaze9292820d ago

I hope they go far away from Shattered Dimensions. That game was so shitty it wasn't even funny. Well, the dialogue was kind of funny...

BUT the gameplay was boring and EXTREMELY repetitive throughout the whole game across all dimensions. It was the same each time.

I loved Web of Shadows, too bad the majority of the world apparently didn't. I'd rather have a sequel to that than Shattered Dimensions.

Yi-Long2820d ago

... just the normal Spider-Man, cell-shaded, sandbox-world, lots of villains, huge overlapping story combined with a shitload of side-missions, lots of cameos from other marvel heroes, like The Punisher, Black Cat, The Torch, a rampaging The Thing or Hulk, helping Silver Sable deal with terrorists, helping Nick Fury with whatever, etc etc.

Also still have Peter Parker missions like taking pictures for The Bugle like you did in the Megadrive/Genesis game...

Baka-akaB2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

i never felt spiderman need a sandbox .

At the very least it better be a focused and packed hub system like in Arkham asylum and its sequel .

And well there is no hope for some of the Marvel games , as long as the Activision rights dont expire .

Kingdom Come2820d ago

I want a game to the fantastic standard of Spiderman 2, the greatest Superhero game of all time. And Spidermans greatest moment in the Video Games Industry...

Tzuno2820d ago

this guy tries to expand spiderman at the level of batman arkham but the last try was a fail.

Wolf8732820d ago

What I want for next Spider-Man game is a game that follows a good story. All the games up til now haven't really been seamless in terms of story. I mean they follow the same old format: play the level - CG Cutscene - next mission. The sandbox gets repetitive and boring, because side quests like taking someone to hospital or beating up local gang gets old fast.

I always give the example of Metal Gear series for a good story telling. Cut the CG and make the cutscenes seamless within the game using in game assets. Make the cutscenes more engaging, have some more and proper dialogue. Make them slightly longer so we get to know the character(s) well enough.

That's one of the charms of MGS; those long interactions between characters makes them interesting and tells us how and who they are. Spider-Man needs to get out of that old story telling format. Spidey games just feel disjointed.

Baka-akaB2820d ago

precisely .

And it's even more aggravating when it's for characters that spawns from a medium based on storytelling .

Screw the repetitive sandbox concept for spiderman