Nintendo 3DS software contains "technical protection measures" to battle piracy

Nintendo Universe writes:

Whilst it has been previously rumoured that Nintendo were to step up their countermeasures in battling piracy with their latest 3DS handheld, such a move has now been confirmed by a warning to be found on all software retail packaging for the system.

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jidery2702d ago

Thats what they said about the PS3.

Stealth20k2702d ago

nintendo can instant ban your system dude.

This is way cooler

DangerTick2702d ago

If they do it in America then they can be sued and I guarantee they'll lose the case. You can't brick someone's device that they paid for because they used 3rd party software. Sure, the software itself could brick your system if used incorrectly but for Nintendo to have a way to brick the system on command, it would be illegal. Not to mention not everyone who uses an R4 uses it for piracy.

Hisiru2702d ago

They won't brick systems using 3rd party software/hardware, they will brick systems using NOT LICENSED (by Nintendo) products. Not licensed = ilegal.

They will get away if they have a good lawyer. It's even on the manual, so there is no excuse this time.

JusenkyoGuide2702d ago

people will ALWAYS find a way to pirate software.

lizard812882702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

This is not proof. i seen the pic of what they are talking about.

looks like run-of-the-mill stuff if you ask me

Raider692702d ago

Before seen actual prove i call this BS!They probably put that advertisement on the software and hardware just to scare people off!

zeal0us2702d ago

probably won't work for someone who don't live around a internet connection, if it does g4u nintendo

regardless of what its(3ds) is promise to do, ppl still will pirate games.

Some hacker will break the system its all in a matter of time

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