Could Gaming Lead To A Career?

25-year-old Lucas Ordonez has been making headlines across the globe after his impressive performance at the Dubai 24-hour race this week. He commanded the track with the skill and determination of an experienced race driver. but the truth of the matter was the only previous experience he had was hours of Gran Turismo gameplay. Now he is off to race in the prestigious Le Mans 24-hours and it has me wondering; can gaming lead to a career?

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Wenis2800d ago

"Can someone who has spent 300 hours flying 747's in Flight Simulator actually fly a 747 with minimal training?"

The terrorists did it and they now have a successful career.

hellerphant2800d ago

Good point, not that I condone such actions.

I just think it's an interesting concept that you could potentially gain skills that only a select people have access to/can afford by playing videogames.

I know when the zombies come I'm more than prepared, I have Left 4 Dead to thank for that one :P

Blad3star2800d ago

"Could Gaming Lead To A Career?"

I have over 1000 hrs playing FPS so maybe I should join the army get my head blown off by a sniper and wait to re spawn.

hellerphant2800d ago

Is the FPS a simulation type game? Not usually. Pretty sure in war enemies don't filter into corridors and wait to have their heads blown off like Call of Duty.

Think of games with real world skills on offer. Football Manager has you looking after budgets, buying and selling. At the end of that you could have some rather decent skills for a real world job.

This guy is now racing in one of the most prestigious races in the world....all for being the best at Gran Turismo 5. Schumacher could never have done that back in his day....

Blad3star2800d ago

I tried eating mushrooms and jumping on turtles once but that did not turn out so good.

hellerphant2800d ago

Who hasn't tried that at least one in their lives Blad3star :P