Review: Crysis 2 - Did Spiderman Lose His Job Around Here

DP: EA and Crytek are back with more Crysis, but this time it arrives as a new challenger to FPSs native on home consoles. The reigning graphical king of PC has plenty to live up to, in first, satisfying the enthusiasts who've been with the series for some time now, and also the home console player that will be getting their first Crysis game.

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FanOfGaming2555d ago

Spiderman left his nanosuit at home unfortunately

Dart892555d ago

Here's what spider man's nano suit would look like.

Baka-akaB2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

actually more like this one :

The above armor is just spandex made of unstable molecules .

While the iron armor pretty much cover the feats shown with the nanosuits

Blad3star2555d ago

Actually more like these spider man prototypes.

Ace_19752555d ago

Spiderman does not have a job he is unemployed like Batman.

ultimate-remag2555d ago

^^ dumb lol free lance photographer....

2555d ago