Camarillo: Crysis 2 Is PC Brought to Consoles, “Not the Other Way Around”

Soothing an inflammatory comment about ripping CryEngine apart for multiplatform development, Crytek’s Nathan Camarillo has said nevertheless, Crysis 2 is built to the PC’s strengths, not for consoles.

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DangerTick2821d ago

Crysis 2 is consoles brought to PC, "not the other way around".

Ryudo2821d ago

Your comment makes even less sense then the title, and that's hard to pull off.

Well at least I don't have to listen to idiots who know nothing about hardware, telling me the PS3 is a generation ahead on the 360.

It's so annoying when a rumor started by some 12 year old spreads around the PS3 population at large.

Maybe now there start to learn there PS3 is actually an outdated piece of hardware from 2006. Like every current generation console.

Am sorry your console doesn't have the power to bend anti matter or create space voids, but hey it's an awesome piece of 5 year old hardware regardless.

Blad3star2821d ago

@Ryudo - Consoles are a lazy mans PC.

I don't get how some one can be satisfied with five year old technology and still spend $60 for a video game + DLC.

Thoreau2821d ago

closet 360 lover ryudo...

callahan092821d ago

I do have to wonder why the eliminated the ability to save anytime/anywhere during the campaign. You could in the original. I hate games that make me wait for a checkpoint to be able to save it.

Megaton2821d ago

Agree with DangerTick. MAXIMUM CONSOLITIS!

wwm0nkey2821d ago

So thats why the PC version is lacking DX11 right?

its a console port and we already know it. Well maybe not console port but gimped thanks to consoles.

Baka-akaB2821d ago

crysis 1 didnt come with its ultra settings enabled out of the box too .

And a few current games are shipping without dx11 only to be patched with it later on

TABSF2821d ago

Sorry your wrong

Crysis came on release with:
Low, Medium, High and Very High.
It still has the same setting today.
Very High required DX10 (Vista or 7) but could be hacked or modded to work with DX9 (XP)

Crysis Warhead came on release with:
Minimum, Mainstream, Gamer and Enthusiast.
Again it still had the same setting since release
Enthusiast = Very High but this time DX10 worked

This must of been some contract with Microsoft or Nvidia/ATi to push DX10 Cards and Windows Vista.
Thing is, people was always going to get DX10 Cards for better performance, the problem was Vista (which I never had an issue with).

ATiElite2821d ago

Wow can your comment be any WRONGER!! You so just pulled that comment out of thin air.

Crysis and Warhead shipped with all features in tack and I can't think of any games that added DX11 in a Patch. correct some features yes but add entire support NO.

way to make stuff up!!

Baka-akaB2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

calm down . I just remembered that back then there were stuff to mod like TABSF said .

Turns out , i was wrong , and it was just for dx9 like he said . No need to tear me a new one

Thoreau2821d ago

naw, i cannot agree with that.

hoops2821d ago

If DX11 was available from the get go, then there would not be so much controversy over this entire issue.

Ducky2821d ago

I think the DX11 thing is being overblown.

Shogun2 didn't come with DX11 at launch (hell, it doesn't even have AntiAliasing) and that thing is an exclusive.

Granted, Crysis is mostly famous for its high-end graphics (unlike Shogun) so the lack of DX11 is a bit more disappointing.

i_like_ff72821d ago

Where the Heck is DX11 then?!?!?!?

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