Japanese Gamer Plays Call of Duty During Earthquake

GR - A Japanese gamer who was recording his online match of Call of Duty: Black Ops continued to play the game even as the earthquake, which went on to leave hundreds of thousands of people devastated, hit Japan.

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Dart892554d ago

Wow that kid must have balls to do that if i were in his position i would have been like f*** this i'm out of here.

On another not hope japan can recovery safely.

halocursed2554d ago

I believe quakes are pretty common in Japan, sure he didn't know that this was going to be one of biggest one's in Japan's recent history. Still, Ballsy.

RedDragan2553d ago

This is news?

In other events, a woman continued washing her clothes after her washing machine broke down.

smoothdude2553d ago

Wow this totally changes the meaning of "hardcore" gamer. That was crazy.

TheMysterion2553d ago

Oh man you beat me to it. I was just going to say that.

SandRazor2554d ago

Thats crazy as hell! I which I had guts like that if I there was an earthquake...

TXIDarkAvenger2554d ago

What a boss. Although risking my life to play CoD is just not worth it. This was pretty funny, although I hope he's ok and I hope Japan recovers fast from all this.

Dasteru2553d ago

Why not? As long as the house is still standing and the power is still on. If im busy and an earthquake hits, the earthquake can wait its damn turn.

Kran2553d ago

I slept through the Japanese earthquake (I live in the UK).

Am I newsworthy?

Danielmccue2553d ago

I was jogging at the time it happened so i may have inadvertently caused it with my fat ass.


I hope they recover quickly, earthquakes are common in Japan so they should recover faster than any other country could.

Kran2553d ago

The thing with the japanese minor earthquakes though is that they dont usually cause as much devastation as the latest one has

This one caused a Tsunami. Previous earthquakes for Japan hasn't made huge tsunamis like this one did, hence not much devastation.

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The story is too old to be commented.