9.5 Killzone 3 Review (PS3)

One of the most anticipated, massive 1st person shooters of 2011 just arrived and you can finally take control in the battle of the ISA against the Helghast - even with the new Playstation MOVE. The game has to compete with some great titles and offers a brand new control option for PS3 gamers. If it is a succesful sequel to Killzone 2 and if it is competetive can be read up in the review by (review originally written in German).

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2679d ago
XeNoStRatoS2679d ago

And so much extra fun with the Move. I have not expected that greatness of the Move tbh.

2679d ago
Thoreau2679d ago

i have been playing online-southpaw79 psn, awesome game. if kz3 was a 360 exclusive, it would be the end all, be all.