Guitar Hero: No More Curtain Calls

GamerNode's Greg Galiffa writes: Just like a fire, Guitar Hero eventually burned out. Quickly. The games became their greatest enemy, overlapping one another with new peripherals, special editions, downloadable content, and gimmicky features. It was too much of a good thing and people lost interest.

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Murpho2794d ago

I don't think the rhythm game genre is dead. I think it was a genre that should have never been fleshed out like most others are. It isn't a genre that has legs for that kind of output while maintaining interest because of the cost. I think it was more oversaturation than the fact that the games are a novelty. It'll stick around so long as the games get released every few years. Though that will probably mean the death and/or severe cutback of most developers who started the genre.

amlabella2793d ago

I actually found the DJ Hero games to be really refreshing, so I still think there's a place for music/rhythm games. But I will admit that the Rock Band and Guitar Hero franchises lost their appeal for me in recent years. Even Rock Band 3 last year, which I really enjoyed, didn't have that same fun factor.