MediaKick Review: Homefront

"Quality over quantity; one small diamond over mountains of rock. This well-worn saying ranks highly in my book, with complaints of “it’s too short” raised far too often for my liking. It’s all about value for money; a single hour extravaganza is far superior to ten hours of mediocrity. Such a reaction is seemingly commonplace amongst gamers today, especially when in relation to a linear experience similar to a first person shooter. It was a criticism heard strongly before the release of THQ’s attempt to push into the shooter market. This said, Homefront is short. In fact it’s incredibly short; having timed my first playthrough at a rather shocking three hours thirty-four minutes it was comfortably the shortest campaign any retail release had presented. Especially given that the playtime was complete with loading screens, cut-scenes and deaths, so there’s actually only around three hours of content in the single player segment of Homefront. It is hugely unfortunate, and even more disappointing then, that the quality does nothing to hold up the poor quantity on show."

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edub10262588d ago

Great review. I enjoy the MP and feel it's balanced and fair. Nothing gets too out of hand. For people who feel the single player campaign is too short play on the hardest setting from the beginning to extend your playing time.
Hopefully they'll make it easier to join a MP match.
08/10 IMO

Raider692588d ago

I just want people to know that this game haves a breaking bug that is not letting some gamers boot the game!The game simply dont boot after the intro screen!If you have the problem post


Dont support shit games!