Forza Motorsport 4 Won't Make People Vomit

Good news for those who like to keep their food in their stomachs: Forza Motorsport 4's developer, Turn 10, has no intention of making anyone lose their lunch. In a recent interview with IGN, Game Director Dan Greenwalt commented on Shift 2's new helmet cam. The helmet cam for EA's upcoming racing game pans the camera to simulate the real head movements of a driver. Is this type of immersion something Turn 10 has considered?

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BlmThug2827d ago

My God I Saw The Shift 2 Video & I Swear I Got A Mild Headache From Just Seeing Some Footage Of It, Its Nice To Have A Sense Of Speed In A Game But Dont Overdo It Like Shi(f)t

Hanif-8762827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I'm perfectly fine with how GT5 does the cockpit. It doesn't zooming and out when accelerating and braking and God knows that in real life while driving that crap doesn't happen (Its impossible). So why do it if you claim a game is a racing simulator and not an arcade one?
The only problem i have with GT5's cockpit is that you can't look up and down if you want to.

RSPproductionz2827d ago

how do you look left and right in the gt5 cock pit view?

ZombieAssassin2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )


I think you have to use the PSeye for headtracking to do it, I've tried it but it was more like i had to lean one way to get it to work rather than turn my head.


Yea i kinda figured thats why it was done like that.

distorted_reality2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

@ Zombie.............

It would be kind of pointless if you had to turn your head to look sideways in-game, as you wouldn't see the screen.

Which is why GT5 uses the lean system.

theonlylolking2826d ago


You can use the PSeye to track your head or customize the controls on your DS3 to look around.

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karl2827d ago

im a really big GT5 fan .. and for me its the best out there

but i will support shift .. its trying to be different and in a good way for what i see..

the new cockpit cam is awesome... and if i feel sick.. well to bad but im definitely giving it a try...

Kyur4ThePain2827d ago

They're full of crap.
That head movement is awesome.

ButterBomb2827d ago

Agreed the head tracking is awesome. Funny, they would bag on that and then praise driving with your hands in the air with no steering wheel like a moron as something they definitely want to support!


Kon2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Looking forward to this game. It seems like fun. But yeah, i like to play real sims, but if the head movement is real then it will be impossible to play it

jazzybaboon2827d ago

I can't wait for this game. I won't buy it because I don't support anything xbox related but it will be an awesome game.

NoobJobz2826d ago

So you bought your console used then too?

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