Thou Shalt Not Kill, Except in Halo 3 at Church

First the percussive sounds of sniper fire and the thrill of the kill. Then the gospel of peace.

Across the country, hundreds of ministers and pastors desperate to reach young congregants have drawn concern and criticism through their use of an unusual recruiting tool: the immersive and violent video game Halo.

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napiert4087d ago

The bible is FULL of violence, what's the big problem? Jesus follows the same hero arc that the master chief does... At least you can see the xbox 360 and know it's there! The ministers and pastors know kids now adays are smarter with access to unlimited info, they know that there probably isn't a god, and this is a desperate measure to recruite them young and ignorant.

green_ghost54087d ago

I don't know about all that but, sooner or later they'll figure it out.

Jinxstar4086d ago

Nah I think that its ok when GOD kills according to the bible. When satan kills its bad... When you kill its bad too. When Master Chief kills its ok.... Is MC now god? I bet about a million halo fans would argue that he is a god.

This is a stupid post. =P

Texas GMR4086d ago

I sure hope you don't believe the crap coming out of your mouth. If so, your a fool. I guess that's why Jesus says, wide is the road to Hell, and narrow is the road to Heaven.

No one's perfect and all of us are far from it, but if you don't change ways, you are in for a rude awakening!

It's your choice. Which road will you be on?

napiert4086d ago

Jesus also said: "These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions: 'Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans. Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel.' (From the NIV Bible, Matthew 10:5-6)" So if you ain't a Jew, you're screwed...according to the "good book". Have you ever stopped and thought why you're a christian? Just because you had the dumb luck of being born in the states, if you were born in afghanistan, you'd probably have the same fervor for ALLAH. And don't judge... Jesus said that too, try reading the instruction manual for which you claim to base you life upon first, BEFORE you decide your the second coming and pass judgement from the safety of your little computer...Halo 3 rulez.

green_ghost54086d ago

Jesus doesn't exist you fool

Jinxstar4086d ago

Its called sarcasm guys. I am of the Asatru faith... Soooo yeah. Who cares is my point....

Texas GMR4086d ago

That's a nice SELECTIVE comeback. So Jesus sends the apostles on a specific assignment and you act like that is what the whole Bible teaches? Pick up your Bible again and turn to Matt. 28:16-20. Is that Jesus telling the disciples to go to ALL nations and baptize them in his name?

What does being an American have to do with Christianity? The Bible was written long before "America" was discovered. Didn't your history books teach you that, or are you still not to that point yet?

I'm not judging you. I'm letting you know what the Bible tells us.

As far as the whole "ALLAH" thing goes, that's God's call.

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Bnet3434087d ago

is about defying demons and gods and stuff like that. If you play campaign and listen they use alot of religious type stuff. So I can see the connection.

Marriot VP4087d ago

Reasons this isn't important, perhaps a little funny

1. This is just being used as a community builder. If one out of a hundred do it how is that significant. Atheists just use this news to further embarrass religion.

2. Christians are not peaceful cows, how many of them join the military and are conservative. I'd be more shocked if hippies started playing.

3. Christians aren't denied video games, they already play halo among others in their house so it makes little to no difference if it's in a church.

4. Halo's story line mirrors as many terms and stories as it can from the bible. Which makes this kinda funny.

Wii60_FTW4086d ago

I agree. Most christians enjoy killing other people. so how would playing halo be hypocritical???

stuntman_mike4086d ago

i find it hypocritical, especially with the issue with resistance fall of man using the manchester cathedral in the game, the church screamed blue murder and wanted the game banned.

now they want kids to come to church to play halo 3.

the church is full of crap and just trying to cash in on a quick buck.

Marriot VP4086d ago

"trying to make a quick buck"

haha, they're losing money, time, and resources to run things like this. There is no profit, who buys the 360s, HDTVs or SDTVs, controllers, games, and other stuff? Who volunteers their time?

You could argue, if your desperate enough, that somehow this game contributes to tithing or offerings, but that's one heck of a stretch. Considering these are children, and the chance they'll even be a Christian or at this specific church when they grow up is very doubtful. If there's a couple dollar fee, it's to pay off the money spent.

Daxx4086d ago

You do know that the Christian church is made up of many different denominations? Some are much more stricter and intolerant than others.

stuntman_mike4086d ago

the church only do something if it makes them richer and now they are jumping on the gaming wagon when it wasnt long ago they were saying gaming was blasphemus!!

its just hypocritical IMO!!

Marriot VP4085d ago

haha, another great comment

Not all churches are run by 60 year old men who all believe the exact same things. 10,000s of different churches and different opinions on the matter. Gaming is a part of society, so naturally they would absorb it. It isn't hypocritical because those opinions are phased out. And killing a virtual character IS NOT MURDER. How hard is it to understand that.

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