Dead Pixels Reviews Crysis 2

Crysis 2 is well-known for its incredible visuals and its in this department where Crysis 2 excels. But realistic effects and high polygon counts aren't enough to sustain interest in a game, it also has to have a gripping story, compelling characters and for shooters specifically, a finely tuned arsenal of weapons. Dead Pixels decides whether or not Crysis 2 makes the cut.

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distorted_reality2591d ago

"There's a great variety in the maps as well, some take place during the night, others during the day, some in greenhouses, others on rooftops."


CuddlySandpaper2591d ago

That was a fun read and I'd very much like to make sweet, sweet love to this game.

HeavenlySnipes2591d ago

why'd you get a disagree? They obviously have an ignorant reviewer for describing skyline as two different maps

RockmanII72591d ago

Adam Kovic is the real Dead Pixel