OPG: Homefront Review

Homefront is THQs latest gritty offering to the FPS genre. That grittiness cuts several ways, both in the story as well as in the game play. The story is actually pretty good. Far better than some of the more recent and forgettable stories from well known titles such as Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. Combined with the immense advertising spree prior to launch as well as the constant updates from the mysterious "Voice of Freedom" the player has a good understanding of what is happening in the story. The overall story and mission stays on track without going on any unneeded tangents. The backdrop of suburban America and the atrocities committed by the North Korean troops also hits very close to home. There were many times while I was playing that I felt outright shock and anger as to what was happening in the story. I can honestly say that I've never felt such strong emotion while playing a game as I felt while working my way through the single player.

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