Will You Have to Pay for the Rest of the Story in the Upcoming Homefront DLC?

New Homefront DLC might include ending that should have been in the game.

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Dart892677d ago

Price them at at least $7 or less and i will buy them.

JoMama2677d ago

but shouldn't the ending been included in the game?

Warprincess1162677d ago

Wow it people like you who are ruining the game industry. Why would you pay to have the story expand. It should have been finished when the game was first released.

Neckbear2677d ago

"Why would you pay to have the story expand"

It is about the same as sequels running rampant everywhere, for one. Which we all oh-love-so-much, yet not many people complain 'bout 'em.

Just sayin'

BloodyNapkin2677d ago

You are comparing a sequel to a 4 hour campaign, that wasnt all that great to begin with and looks like dooky on top of that.

Urmomlol2677d ago

DLC for a five hour single player campaign?

Wow, OK, THQ.

2677d ago
DelbertGrady2677d ago

The only reason to buy this game is for the multiplayer. If anything they should focus all their DLC on the online part of the game.

hatchimatchi2677d ago

I wouldn't consider story driven dlc to be the ending that should have been in the game. They could go in an alternate route and show how the black guy got in kahoots with the survivalists, or show a different view point from a seperate resistance team.

The ending left the game open for a sequel, which it hopefully gets. Homefront is really short but it's still a good game.

JackBNimble2676d ago

This story could really go on for awhile.
If you consider that the Koreans are occupying America, and the main character is fighting with the resistance In SanFransico, then logically there is no way this war could possibly be over. There is also no way that was the end of the story.

I agree that the game was to short, but as far as DLC goes I would welcome sp missions along side of mp map packs. I bet it wouldn't cost any more money then Activisions $15 map pack scam.

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