Petition Started Over 'SKATE' Framerate Issues for PS3

A petition over at EA forums has been started for EA to resolve the terrible framerate issues that plague 'SKATE' on the PS3.

EA in an effort to use the PS3's extra power decided to up the graphics for the PS3 version, however there plan backfired as the framerate issues actually make the game unenjoyable, and at times unplayable.

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ps3FTW4086d ago

Great a new petition this make PS3fanboys look bad.

Thugbot1874086d ago

Petitions over games is just stupid, because most of these people are still buying the game and putting money in the publishers pocket. If anything boycot buying the game that makes more sense. At least when the publish isn't selling games they realize the fans are dispointed.

radzy4086d ago

this is the ps3's fault. go petition sony.
petitions are for little kids by the way.
ha ha ha

SmarterThanYou4086d ago

tons of companies managed to get their PS3 games running at top speed and at 1080p. it's EA lazyass job that caused this.

bluebrad19744086d ago

how many sh*tty games is going to take before everyone figures out that the ps3 is a blu-ray player and not a game machine.

UnasFortuna4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

EA is unfortunately known for unforgivably bad ports... even bad games in general. I have not seen them make a game yet that didn't have noticeable bugs...for any system. Their work for the PS3 however seems to be the worst. A petition will do nothing to them. They are already rated unsatisfactory by the BBB and these guys think they care about someone who shelled out money to support their bad work. I personally have not bought an EA game in years due to this fact. Luckily the upcoming HL2 is only being published by EA... the port should be fairly bugfree. If you want to hurt them, don't buy their goods. Sony should step in however and refuse to publish such a bad piece of work.

@explosneer: [email protected], didn't know that... looks like will have to buy the PC version. Really is too sad.... such a great game.

Idmpc4086d ago

They were already making crap games for PS3 before, but now that Peter Moore is working for EA, we'll never see a good PS3 version of any of their games XD
...Jokes aside, they really should do something about their PS3 dev team, because they really don't know what they're doing

xplosneer4086d ago

Valve made the 360 and PC versions of TOB, but the PS3 version was shifted to you guessed it EA UK team. :(

lawman11084085d ago

TOO Fing FUNNY ahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha ahhahahahahhahahahah

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Sayai jin4086d ago

Hmmm. Sony needs to initite to EA that they will not accept the game in this manner. This will go a lot further than petition.

MikeGdaGod4086d ago

EA doesn't care about the PS3 or its owners.

this isn't new. why do you think they got rated unsatisfactory by the Better Business Buero?

Megaton4086d ago

Agreed. I personally haven't supported EA since they canned Thrill Kill for PS1 after buying out the company that was making it.

EA not being able to make a PS3 game with a decent framerate just shows that, for the most part, their developers are two-bit hacks. I'm scared to think about how The Orange Box is going to turn out, being caught in the clutches of EA.

macsto4086d ago

it's funny you say that, because the game in your avatar has even worse framerates on the PS3 (heavenly sword) Maybe we should stop supporting them too?

mclazyj4086d ago

Why would you worry about the Orange Box. It is developed by Valve. Totally independent of EA. They are only using them for retail distribution. And if you hate EA that much, just buy it on Steam. Either way, the game is the same.

smturner684085d ago

The ps3 version of Orange Box is NOT being developed by Valve. Ea is handling the translation over to ps3. This won't be pretty.

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Bloodmask4086d ago

of the PS3 getting the "inferior" version of games.

The console with the bigger install base will "most often" be the primary version. This gen it is Xbox 360, last gen it was PS2. Last gen Xbox multiplatform games were most often PS2 "ports". This trend will only continue as the margin bw the two install bases continues to widen bc of the Halo 3 release. With the PS3 getting sloppy ports and hand me downs bc games producers don't want to deal with it's "unfriendly" architecture.

Once again Sony Extremists blaming everyone else. Blame Sony for using their crappy cell processor which will never see the light of day in the PC gaming market.

xaphanze4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

EA is crap and I dont see other companies doing the same with their ps3 games. I didnt even try to read what you said since I know it will have no meaning coming from a typical xbox 360 fanboy.
Be reasonable for once.

MikeGdaGod4086d ago

so i guess the BBB are sony extremist too huh???

DrPirate4086d ago Show
WilliamRLBaker4086d ago

- Offensive language will not be tolerated and will result in temp or permanent ban.
- Personal attacks on other members will not be tolerated and will result in temp or permanent ban.

and i had to report it for that because wishing for someone to die and telling them to off them selves thats just...crossing the line
but other then that i agree with you you guys dont deserve weak games you deserve the best for paying for a product, Regardless of fanboy rettorec I believe in the customer is all ways right and if they buy a product it should work.

but i all so agree that sony and devs are the problem, sony for protraying a system to be more powerful then it is and then not supplying the right tools and enough of them soon enough, and devs being stupid and not optimizing a game right for the system, Any game can be optimized for a system weither it will be less or more dont mean squat the 360 and ps3 aren't that far from each other interms of power, and the devs could easily optimize the game for both systems instead of being lazy.

P.S:Someone said EA was the only company having problems thats actually a lie most all multiplatform games seem to be inferior on the ps3...because of inferior system? no because of lazy devs and sony not geting off its keester and providing the tools needed fast enough.

hfaze4086d ago

"Once again Sony Extremists blaming everyone else. Blame Sony for using their crappy cell processor which will never see the light of day in the PC gaming market."
Toshiba presents Qosmio Notebook equipped with Cell Co-Processor

It's coming... ;-)

Amp4086d ago

lol Bloodmask, how did you miss this article? Im sure your panties were in a bunch when somebody else found a trouble for PS3 article. EA, what did you expect?

karlostomy4086d ago

ok i a so sick of the argument that developers like EA just aren't doing the PS3 justice.

Get this..
in the last generation the ports were drom PS2-->xbox.
Get this..
ALL OF THE PORTS WERE as good as or better on xbox than ps2 because the xbox truly did have undisputed better hardware than PS2. It was just proven time and time again.

Yet now, even though PS3 SUPPOSEDLY has better hardware, the games are... time and time again... NOT AS GOOD AS 360.... even after MORE DEVELOPMENT TIME??


come on ps3 fanboys
smell the coffee...

jessupj4085d ago

"PS3 SUPPOSEDLY has better hardware"

I was hoping you were being sarcastic... The PS3 DOES have better hardware and is a far better manufactured concole. RROD, need i say more. It very sad actually, because the 360 is holding the PS3 back when concerning multiports. The PS3 SHOULD be shinning and SHOULD have better graphics and framte rates, but this generally isn't the case. Have you fanboys seen GT5? If you think there's even a single game that is better then that, then you honestly are bias towards the 360.

If it wasn't for the 360, multiports for the PS3 would be looking a lot more like GT5. IMO, the 360 has ruinedd the PS3 to a certain extent and I'm not talking about sales.

The PS3 architecture is a lot more complicated, but companies don't care so much and won't spend that extra money for the extra time it needs for the port because of the lower PS3 install base. This is especially true with EA, basically not caring at all. Honestly, i hate EA almost as much as M$. Like many here I will avoiding their games as much as I can.

karlostomy4084d ago


Did you even get the gist of my post?
I don't think you even got any of what i was saying.

Thats right buddy. I was making a comparison between the supposedly superior hardware of xbox1- ps2.

In EVERY CASE the ports from ps2 to xbox1 were BETTER ON THE XBOX1 !!

and yet now..... the ps3 ports are crap....

perhaps it is time to blame the ps3 (NOT EA, 360, or evil M$)

wow... my argument is soooo simple.

WHy don't you just read my last two posts again?
smell the coffee PS3ers.

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