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Crysis 2 is less ambitious than Crytek's previous games, but it is also the most polished, refined and enjoyable title that the studio's ever produced. With tighter gameplay, better level design, and an exquisite sense of flowing action, Crysis 2 is a damn great title that any shooter fan would do well to play at least once.

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gillri2826d ago

thank you, Crysis 1 was more of a tech demo than an actual game, much the first Assassins Creed

good game design Crysis 1 was not

Pandamobile2826d ago

It helps if you play the game first.

Crysis is, to this date, one my favourite single-player FPS games. Just because you don't like having a spec of freedom in an FPS game doesn't mean everyone else feels the same way.

gillri2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I played the first one...twice actually

Its still a tech demo first and a game second

Crysis 2 is more of a game than Crysis 1 was, freedom is only useful when used in a meaningful context. The visual design of the game was also pretty un-imaginative.I put killzone into this category too

I mean come on.......Space Nazi's?

you want good game design? play Uncharted 2 one of the few games this gen that showed other developers how its really done

jazzybaboon2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

im with panda-the-geek. Crysis is an incredible single player campaign. Offline campaign shooters have gone horrendously downhill since the glory days of Half life 2 crysis and bioshock. Console shooters have horrible campaigns these days. Online can be quite good though.

PS3Freak2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Why would you play a game twice if you didn't like it?

starchild2826d ago

I don't agree with you about Crysis 1, it was a really great game if you knew how to play it. That's probably why it has a 91 on metacritic.

That said, I do think Crytek have provided a more focused experience this time and it is a lot of fun.

bluwulf2826d ago

Here let me help Translate the following:

"gillri + 24m ago
thank you, Crysis 1 was more of a tech demo than an actual game, much the first Assassins Creed

good game design Crysis 1 was not
#1 "


"gillri + 24m ago
i never played Crysis 1, didn't have a pc to run it so I just jumped on the all go but no show bandwagon.

hoops2826d ago

If you are a console only gamer, then yes. Crysis 1 sucks balls because most likely your use to linear follow the carrot type shooters.
If you PC game then Crysis 1 was a breath of fresh air like Far Cry. And not the console version sequel to it.

CherryLu-Chan2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )


Sir, I see you drowning in the reasonless sea of your argument - and throw a chicken at you.



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Ninver2826d ago

game is a 7/10 imo. way too many failed promises.

chriski3332826d ago

like what please do tell?

Pandamobile2826d ago

Just a PS3 fanboy. Move along people.

iamgoatman2826d ago

Yeah, but it's fun asking questions they more than likely can't answers, or at least coherently answer.

P_Bomb2826d ago

How do you know he has a PS3? Is this mandatory GOTY for 360 gamers or something?

Ducky2826d ago

^ Check the comment history.

hoops2826d ago Show
PS3Freak2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Just a PC fanboy, move along people.

@ Hoops.
Ya my name has PS3 in it. I love my Ps3, but I don't make fanboy posts. Check my comment history and you will see.

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2826d ago
iamgoatman2826d ago

Which were? I want you to be as specific as possible, directly quoting interviews where they made said promises, providing links to the sources and then gathering evidence that proves they lied or failed to live up to their promises.

WyattEarp2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

7/10? You completed it that quickly? Please give us your breakdown.

Or is it this way? I don't know you, but you may be a PS3 loyalist who only supports exclusives. This is good and all, but it sounds as though you are quick to bash and not support multiplatform games which would kinda throw the exclusive thing right out the window for you. Don't exclude yourself from quality multiplatform games like Crysis 2.

palaeomerus2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

" How do you know he has a PS3? Is this mandatory GOTY for 360 gamers or something?"

What? I thought the non-PS3 centric 'Mandatory GOTY' was between :

L.A. NOIRE(The choice of the snooty Art/'future of gaming is movies' crowd)


Elder Scroll V: Skyrim (The choice of the "OMG! you can set leprechauns on fire on the deck of a boat with dragon shout #6 and you get an achievement for it called [They're after me lucky charms!]" crowd.)

Which is chosen depends on how the post E3 game-critic politics play out with Batman Arkham City as the dark horse in case something goes horribly wrong with both games.

That's my prediction.

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Shazz2826d ago

does anyone know if theres a crysis 1 recap video on 2?

ddurand12826d ago

with all the games coming out this is still a bargain pick up for me. good to see that itll be worth the wait though.

Fallouts2826d ago

i really want this game now, hopefuly i will get it no later then friday...

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