Church Using Halo 3 to Connect with Kids Despite Game Violence Concerns

GamePolitics has a compaliation of 3 articles on religion and Halo 3: NY Times, The Christian Post and Minig Grace.

Religious leaders often involve themselves in the video game violence debate - but not usually on the side of games. So it may come as a surprise that a number of churches are capitalizing on the popularity of Halo 3 to attract youthful congregants.

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MK_Red3724d ago

Can't wait for idiot Jack Thompson attacking church for using a violent video game.

HowarthsNJ3724d ago

What would happen to a church if it showed an NC17 DVD to kids under 17?

Would they go to prison maybe?

Is M17 not as strong as NC17?

That's my point anyway. No need for Jack Thompson, just common sense.

MADGameR3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Whoever is the leader of that chuch is a false prophet and has deceived those who go to his/her church.

P4KY B3724d ago

A game which is about mad religious zealots trying to destroy everyone in the universe for a better afterlife with their imaginary god.

You have people coming back to life after becoming infected, large spires pointing towards the heavens and old frail elders with large silly headdresses.

All of it controlled by the evil empire of MS, trying to make people 'believe' that Masterchief is the second coming.

I can see how the church would like that.

Relientk773724d ago

wow those priests must be desperate for some action

come play some halo 3 kiddies then we can go on an adventure ;)

Meus Renaissance3724d ago

...and hypocrisy. A match made in heaven?

caffman3724d ago

to sniper the local vicar on narrows!

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The story is too old to be commented.